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Dumbest FF move this season? (1 Viewer)


Traded C Palmer for A Bradshaw last week. The team that I traded Palmer to starts him against me and he goes off for 39 pts and wins.

:confused: :lol:



In 10 team redrafts I have seen the following players flat out dropped:




Sims-Walker (after he started putting up points)


For me it is mostly failure to move on players early enough.



Not Allowed In Mexico
Dropping Sidney Rice so soon.

Last season I dropped Roddy White too soon too. :bag:



traded for LJ last week because he had what looke dlike some good games coming up.



Wyld Stallyns

So far it's choosing to pick up Celek from the WW in week 2 instead of Sims-Walker... Not overly season altering, but I'd rather have MSW right now.



Kept Kenny Britt a few weeks back over S. Rice. Yeah, Rice had a couple nice games in a row at the time - but there were a number of other options there. Figured the rook was looking good and would be the main option soon enough (and maybe that will still happen). But till now, Rice has really been great and established himself on that team.

Damn small rosters!



I just traded for Larry Johnson by giving up Santana Moss in a redraft PPR league....this was before the game this past weekend. Today I dropped him to the WW and got Earl bennett instead....Moss was a turd on my team anyways, so not that big a deal but pretty stupid of me to waste time with LJ


PR Sparty

We had a guy with WR bye week problems last week. He dropped Shonn Greene for Mike Wallace. Did i mention it's a DYNASTY LEAGUE!!!



A guy in my main league dropping LeSean McCoy after about Week 3 because he wasn't getting any playing time. A) It's a dynasty league. B) He drafted McCoy with the 1.04 pick this year, and thus wasted the pick. C) I tried desperately during the draft to trade for that 1.04 pick to take McCoy and the guy wouldn't trade it. D) Another owner with a loaded team picked him up before anyone even realized he was available. :confused:



I dropped Beanie Wells a while ago due to injuries and bye week troubles. I hope that doesn't come back to bite me,



Mikey16x said:
NatronIsMean said:
Had to cut a TE due to the BYE week. Dropped Owen Daniels and kept Celek... KILL. ME. NOW.
That really was dumb lol.. I have Owen Daniels, he's never had a bad game yet... how do you sit him? Let alone drop him.
It's a 10-team league with a short bench. Had both WRs on BYE the same week. Here's what both guys looked like to that point: Week 1: Owen 6 pts | Celek 12 ptsWeek 2: Owen 16 pts | Celek 14 ptsWeek 3: Owen 12 pts | Celek 20 ptsWeek 4: Owen 5 pts | Celek BYEMake more sense?


kept Felix Jones over ray Rice as my rookie keeper in a 10 team, PPR, keep 5 league.

I thought he was the better talent and that Baltimore's RB situation would stay super cluttered.

Even with that mistake, i'd still be in great shape if Steve Smith's QB didnt suck and Calvin Johnson didnt get hurt.

DeAngelo(keeper), MJD(keeper), Ced Benson (mid round draft pick) and 85(early draft pick) keeping me above water now.

currently sitting in 8th place (tied with others, but behind on points) but still in the game if my team gets healthy.



But for my dumbest move .....

10 Team Dynasty... start 2 QB

I had offers for D McNabb or P Manning....

I chose to part with Peyton (received Palmer, 1.06 & 3.09 picks).

The whole OC/HC Coach change in Indy scared me.... foolish me!


Matt Waldman

Besides drafting Trent Edwards and not considering the value of an offensive line heavier than skill players? :lmao:

Not upping the ante to trade for NYG Steve Smith and instead accepting a trade for Isaac Bruce in a league where my receivers are mediocre at best. At least all I gave up was Greg Olsen...



The only six players dropped in my 12-team mostly guppy league this week. Not necessarily bad moves, mind you...

Parker, Willie PIT RB

McFadden, Darren OAK RB

Moore, Lance NOS WR

Maroney, Laurence NEP RB

Owens, Terrell BUF WR

Jennings, Greg GBP WR


loose circuits

Dynasty league prior to the season.

My team gave up Collins, Kerry TEN QB;Addai, Joseph IND RB;Jackson, Vincent SDC WR;Smith, Steve NYG WR; Year 2010 Round 2 Draft Pick

For: .

Johnson, Larry KCC RB;Royal, Eddie DEN WR; Year 2009 Draft Pick 3.07;Year 2009 Draft Pick 4.04

I was concerned about VJax's DUI, had Charles so I wanted LJ who had been getting good reports at the time. Thought Royal would tear it up in a PPR league

My team is 5-2 and I don't think it would have affected my record yet, but I would have 10X more trade value on my roster



We had a guy with WR bye week problems last week. He dropped Shonn Greene for Mike Wallace. Did i mention it's a DYNASTY LEAGUE!!!
Wow, dropping a guy that many drafted around 5-7 in the 09 rookie draft in the first few weeks of the season? The owner couldn't find a trading partner to at least get a little something for Greene instead of dropping him?? Not to be rude, but it sounds like a lazy move, imho. And if this owner needed one week bye help at WR, does your league allow him to start a player on bye that week... if so, I'd rather do that than drop a top 5 rookie RB (losing 5-10 points at WR is well worth keeping a guy like Greene long-term).
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Me dropping MSW after a bad week. But it possibly saved me a win due to his booty call fiasco, so perhaps it's even now.



Well let's see...

- Missed out on Mike Sims-Walker because I picked up Laurent Robinson instead, and Robinson was injured in the next game and out for the year. :ptts:

- Made horrible choices at Kicker position in the first 3 weeks. 3 different kickers in those weeks ALL got me negative points due to missing FGs. I lost at least 2 games that I would have won with just a few points from the kicker. :cry:

- Dropped Sydney Rice to pick up a TE to cover bye week. This was the week prior to Rice starting his hot streak.

But the bad is balanced out by good. I picked up Miles Austin and Mendenhall with perfect timing. :lmao:



I made couple of bad move's this season both in Dynasty

Traded away Ray Rice and Bernard Berrian for Kevin Smith

Here's my worst move of all time, after week 4

Traded away Larry Fitzgerald, Santonio Holmes, 2010 1st rounder (Looks like 1.8 - 1.10)

For Reggie Wayne 2010 1st rounder (Looks anywhere from 1.3 - 1.5)

That second one I don't know what the Hell I was thinking. :lmao:



Traded Austin Miles for Kevin Walters after his first big game.

then he had another big game..he was supposed to be a sell high flash in the pan


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Whiplash Inc.

Don't know if dumb is the right word, but I dropped Sidney Rice leading up to week 3 after he'd been on my roster since drafting him as a rookie. Would've been nice trade bait at the very least.


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