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[Dynasty] 2024 NFL Draft Class (1 Viewer)

Predraft composite superflex rookie rankings culled from overall rankings. I exclude minimums and maximums to dampen outliers, and all values >240 get assigned 241 and are not in the count column.

1. Strong consensus on C. Williams #1 and M. Harrison Jr #2
2. Pick’em at 3/4 (M. Nabers/J. Daniels), 5/6 (R. Oduze/D. Maye), 8/9 (J. McCarthy/B. Thomas Jr)
3. Top 240 post combine superflex dynasty ranking risers: Pearsall (+61), Wright (+50), Legette (+34), McConkey (+33), Washington (+25), McMillan (+23), Mitchell (+21), Worthy (+17), Odunze (+14). Nabers at +8 worth mentioning given that he was already pretty high.
4. Top 240 post combine superflex dynasty ranking fallers: irving (-50), Sanders (-29), Estime (-24), Franklin (-20).
5. High variance (SD standard deviation) - Nix, Wright, Burton, Baker, Sanders, Penix Jr, Pearsall

Enjoy the draft!

4/25/2024 overallSF rookie 4/25PlayerPosRnkcountAvgAvg (+/-)SD (min max)
101.01Caleb WilliamsQBQB071410.510.63.20
161.02Marvin Harrison JrWRWR051416.916.92.97
251.03Malik NabersWRWR091425.725.82.86
281.04Jayden DanielsQBQB131432.729.55.76
401.05Rome OdunzeWRWR151440.840.28.18
421.06Drake MayeQBQB171441.740.710.77
571.07Brock BowersTETE031458.358.49.38
691.08J.J. McCarthyQBQB201470.970.913.76
731.09Brian Thomas JrWRWR301477.174.87.23
951.10Jonathon BrooksRBRB241497.695.921.13
961.11Xavier WorthyWRWR381497.896.517.89
1011.12Adonai Mitchell WRWR4114101.8100.418.62
1022.01Trey BensonRBRB2614100.3101.215.41
1042.02Ladd McConkeyWRWR4314102.2101.918.71
1092.03Troy FranklinWRWR4614107.4108.813.01
1182.04Keon ColemanWRWR4914121.1121.815.92
1202.05Blake CorumRBRB3314124.6122.923.46
1252.06Jaylen WrightRBRB3513133.4129.737.66
1282.07Michael Penix JrQBQB2913138.0133.329.28
1302.08MarShawn LloydRBRB3813139.8136.626.49
1412.09Braelon AllenRBRB4014140.1140.817.96
1452.10Xavier LegetteWRWR5614147.0146.323.63
1462.11Ricky PearsallWRWR5714145.5146.829.19
1542.12Roman WilsonWRWR6214154.2155.118.71
1583.01Bo NixQBQB3312162.6160.240.15
1703.02Ja'Lynn PolkWRWR7014171.7172.319.48
1753.03Audric EstimeRBRB5113178.0178.024.05
1823.04Ja'Tavion SandersTETE2212186.0185.132.79
1833.05Malachi CorleyWRWR7614184.1186.118.39
1893.06Bucky IrvingRBRB5413192.6192.227.54
1903.07Devontez WalkerWRWR8013194.0194.323.94
1933.08Will ShipleyRBRB5611194.4196.431.30
1973.09Ray DavisRBRB5911200.1201.732.78
2003.10Jalen McMillanWRWR8313201.8202.924.01
2013.11Jermaine BurtonWRWR8410201.1203.237.35
2053.12Malik WashingtonWRWR8510208.5208.825.99
2074.01Javon BakerWRWR869207.6211.734.54
2104.02Johnny WilsonWRWR888212.1213.829.08
2194.03Jacob CowingWRWR938218.9220.323.35
2214.04Brenden RiceWRWR958219.5220.822.98
2264.05Ben SinnottTETE288220.5224.326.45
2284.06Isaiah DavisRBRB667221.4225.818.02
2304.07Luke McCaffreyWRWR976224.3227.219.27
2314.08Kimani VidalRBRB676221.3227.324.00
2324.09Spencer RattlerQBQB395225.1227.621.54
2334.10Dylan LaubeRBRB685225.7228.519.37
2344.11Jamari ThrashWRWR987226.4228.516.42
2454.12Cade StoverTETE304231.8235.211.51
Predraft composite rookie rankings culled from overall dynasty rankings. I exclude minimums and maximums to dampen outliers, and all values >240 get assigned 241 and are not in the count column.

4/25/2024 overallrookie 4/25PlayerPosRnkcountAvgAvg (+/-)SD (min max)
81.01Marvin Harrison JrWR05148.68.252.05
131.02Malik NabersWR091414.214.172.37
271.03Rome OdunzeWR151427.927.428.32
431.04Brock BowersTE031443.243.178.76
541.05Caleb WilliamsQB081455.154.0810.36
601.06Brian Thomas JrWR301463.761.585.18
771.07Xavier WorthyWR361483.481.3318.09
801.08Adonai MitchellWR371487.484.2515.53
821.09Jonathon BrooksRB241488.085.0016.46
861.10Ladd McConkeyWR401486.385.9214.22
901.11Trey BensonRB261488.188.8315.61
941.12Jayden DanielsQB131493.093.7513.03
962.01Troy FranklinWR451495.696.5013.75
1062.02Keon ColemanWR4814105.1105.5017.45
1102.03Blake CorumRB3314111.9110.0025.37
1112.04Drake MayeQB1614110.9110.6716.91
1132.05Jaylen WrightRB3413117.8112.1730.54
1192.06MarShawn LloydRB3614121.6121.4222.59
1272.07Xavier LegetteWR5414128.9128.0822.75
1302.08Braelon AllenRB4114131.1131.0820.20
1382.09Ricky Pearsall WR6013145.2143.2533.70
1402.10Roman WilsonWR6213150.8146.6721.05
1512.11J.J. McCarthyQB2014159.9158.7532.21
1612.12Ja'Tavion SandersTE2114164.3163.8323.90
1653.01Ja'Lynn PolkWR7313168.4166.6724.76
1663.02Audric EstimeRB5114164.4166.7524.09
1703.03Bucky IrvingRB5214175.4174.1727.43
1763.04Malachi CorleyWR7813181.4181.5017.80
1813.05Will ShipleyRB5611185.9187.5032.97
1893.06Devontez WalkerWR8212194.5195.7526.26
1923.07Jermaine BurtonWR839196.3198.3340.20
1933.08Ray DavisRB5911198.1200.3336.17
1963.09Malik WashingtonWR8411203.7203.1724.36
1973.10Ben SinnottTE269201.3204.0035.61
1983.11Jalen McMillanWR8510202.7204.1728.15
2033.12Javon BakerWR878204.4208.8339.40
2064.01Johnny WilsonWR8910208.1209.8328.02
2104.02Michael Penix JrQB288213.2216.0832.52
2114.03Brenden RiceWR9010215.1216.2520.72
2194.04Bo NixQB306218.3221.0827.16
2204.05Cade StoverTE307217.9221.5826.67
2224.06Isaiah DavisRB669218.5222.5820.12
2234.07Jacob CowingWR978220.8223.1724.32
2244.08Theo JohnsonTE319220.4223.8318.77
2294.09Luke McCaffreyWR997225.5229.5018.33
2334.10Jaheim BellTE336227.3231.6713.02
2354.11Jamari ThrashWR1016228.7231.9215.41
2424.12Kimani VidalRB725218.8241.0028.22

Chris Kouffman
Mike McDaniel as the Dolphins sent in the pick for WR Malik Washington.

Lance Zierlein
Malik Washington to Dolphins. Theft.

Eric Galko
#Dolphins just got a STUD slot WR in Malik Washington

He led the country with 110 rec. + had nearly 50% of his team’s rec yards in ‘23

Elite route timing/breaks, confidence and finishing ability, and a GREAT athlete.

Among best slot WR in draft‼️

⬇️ 🎥📈

it's really nothing new though. QBs have been prioritized in the draft for a long time. When they switched the structure of rookie contracts that took another bump as made the pick more valuable. Penix and Nix going that high was a bit of a surprise but these picks can be hard to predict.
I like to look back at history to curb my enthusiasm about this years draft QBs. If you want a good laugh, listen to Colin Cowherd talking about the franchise QBs post 2018 draft. https://youtu.be/BMI9uN9Yuqk?t=70 The importance of a franchise QB in saving the organization more media driven than reality. Brock Purdy was so close to changing the narrative last year.
Last edited:
What did RB Bucky Irving tell the #Bucs on his visit with the team?

“The first guy doesn’t tackle him.”

Assistant GM John Spytek discussed last night why Irving has “a lot of qualities that we look for in a running back.”

#Bucs Assistant GM John Spytek says that RB Bucky Irving “brings a lot to the table” and that “he is just a good football player.”
Carlos Talks Pats
#Patriots Director of Player Personnel Matt Groh discussing their plans for rookies Javon Baker and Ja’Lynn Polk.

“To get (Javon) with Ja’Lynn… and start working here with Drake. To try and build chemistry, it doesn’t just happen overnight. Now you got a couple guys who can grow with Drake.

You’re not talking about a free agent… those deals aren’t always four years. Now we got guys who can grow for four years…”

New England may have very well drafted their trio of the future.

(🎥 Patriots Unfiltered)

The Coachspeak Index
#Patriots HC Jerod Mayo on WRs Ja'Lynn Polk and Javon Baker:

Polk — “Smooth route-runner, has good hands, can do a lot of different things, and he’s smart, and that’s one thing that we covet around here.”

Baker — “The run after catch. This guy’s aggressive. He’s all ball.”

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