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[Dynasty] 2024 NFL Draft Class (1 Viewer)

Carlos Talks Pats
.@SteveSmithSr89’s thoughts on Ja’Lynn Polk and Javon Baker’s fit with the #Patriots:

“Polk coming in there — I like it, but I don’t like… “he’s gonna give us this deep threat that we haven’t had…” Now you’re putting unrealistic expectations [on him] because the situation has completely changed. The quarterback play… the offense… should be an upgrade, so it’s different.

Javon Baker… I’m interested to see how that goes. He’s already upset he fell [in the draft]… he is now gonna help them.
So, they have some outside guys who [get] contested catches.

But, Baker’s gonna be interesting because he has a lot of shiftiness… as a young player, he’s gonna have to just sometimes take what the corner gives him… because [the players are] gonna be working out the chemistry and the timing of the new offense…”

Smith also spoke about Polk being the only receiver that has experience playing in cold weather — it may be an adjustment for Baker once he begins playing in Foxborough.

(🎥 Steven Smith Sr.) | #CutToIt
This is odd. 3 teams really needed QBs and they get avg or below avg grades?

WSH needed a QB and get an AVG grade
MIN needed a QB and get a player who could be a good fit in JJ - average grade
DEN really needed a QB and snagged the last guy available and get a below average grade. Rumour had it the were even trying to move up.

Tough crowd ranking these guys going to teams that have a big need and seems to be decent fits for their offenses. QBs bust out all the time but those three teams filled their QB spot with players who fit their offense. Will they work out? Who knows but man those are some rough grades.
Superflex composite post draft rankings, average w/o min and max. Good luck in your drafts!

4/25 overall5/3 overallSF rookie 5/3PlayerPosRnkTeamcountAvg (+/-)
10111.01Caleb WilliamsQB08Chi1410.9
16151.02Marvin Harrison JrWR05Ari1416.8
28251.03Jayden DanielsQB13Was1425.8
25281.04Malik NabersWR10NYG1428.9
40371.05Rome OdunzeWR15Chi1436.5
42431.06Drake MayeQB17NE1443.8
69491.07J.J. McCarthyQB18Min1449.8
57591.08Brock BowersTE04LV1460.5
96661.09Xavier WorthyWR27KC1465.6
73711.10Brian Thomas JrWR31Jac1471.3
95721.11Jonathon BrooksRB15Car1472.4
104771.12Ladd McConkeyWR32LAC1480.4
102802.01Trey BensonRB18Ari1482.6
118962.02Keon ColemanWR38Buf1496.7
1581002.03Bo NixQB26Den14102.3
1461092.04Ricky PearsallWR44SF14108.7
1451132.05Xavier LegetteWR46Car14113.0
1011162.06Adonai MitchellWR48Ind14115.2
1281182.07Michael Penix JrQB28Atl14116.3
1201202.08Blake CorumRB32LAR14118.1
1251272.09Jaylen WrightRB34Mia14128.6
1301292.10MarShawn LloydRB35GB14132.3
1701382.11Ja'Lynn PolkWR53NE14140.6
1091432.12Troy FranklinWR57Den14144.5
1541473.01Roman WilsonWR59Pit14147.7
1831593.02Malachi CorleyWR65NYJ14162.3
2011603.03Jermaine BurtonWR66Cin14162.7
2261653.04Ben SinnottTE19Was14166.1
1971763.05Ray DavisRB48Buf13175.4
1891793.06Bucky IrvingRB50TB14176.9
1411823.07Braelon AllenRB52NYJ14182.4
2001833.08Jalen McMillanWR77TB14184.8
1751853.09Audric EstimeRB53Den14186.0
1931883.10Will ShipleyRB55Phi14189.3
1821963.11Ja'Tavion SandersTE23Car13197.4
2071973.12Javon BakerWR82NE11199.0
1901984.01Devontez WalkerWR83Bal14201.1
2302024.02Luke McCaffreyWR85Was11204.8
2052104.03Malik WashingtonWR87Mia11211.3
2192174.04Jacob CowingWR88SF10219.6
2892234.05Tyrone Tracey JrRB67NYG7224.0
2212244.06Brenden RiceWR93LAC9225.5
2312254.07Kimani VidalRB68LAC7225.6
2102284.08Johnny WilsonWR95Phi8227.3
2322294.09Spencer RattlerQB38NO6228.3
2572304.10Isaac GuerendoRB69SF7229.8
2332324.11Dylan LaubeRB71LV7230.2
2862424.12Ainias SmithWR102Phi5232.9
Scott Barrett
How NFL teams were ranking the QBs in this Draft:

Jayden Daniels, 1.02

+ Commanders GM: "He was the highest-ranked player in the draft for us."

Drake Maye, 1.03

+ Patriots HC: "We were comfortable with all three of those guys, and it just so happened to be Drake."

+ Vikings and Giants aggressively tried to trade up to 3 for Maye, per Albert Breer. The Patriots were never close to trading the pick, per Adam Schefter.

+ The Giants thought all QBs after Williams, Daniels, and Maye were worse than Drew Lock, per Daniel Jeremiah.

Michael Penix, 1.08

+ The Seahawks, Saints, and Raiders all tried to trade into the top-10 for Michael Penix, per James Palmer. Seems likely they had him higher than McCarthy.

J.J. McCarthy, 1.10

+ Commanders had McCarthy above Maye, Penix, and Nix, per John Keim.

Bo Nix, 1.12

+ Per Todd McShay, of the dozen or so teams he talked to, the Broncos were the only team who had a Round 1 grade on Nix. Everyone else had a backup-caliber grade on him.
Looking at the SF rankings above (and at other sites) how does everyone rank the guys around 1.08 to 1.12? Rank the following:

Thomas Jr

I think that is how I rank them now but really they all fall in a tier and would be happy with any of them. If I was at 1.08 and these are all there I would probably look to trade back a few spots but no lower than 1.12 as that is when the tier ends for me.

I could see McConkey smashing with limited target competition - even if they are more run balanced. Herbert will still want to throw and no reason McConkey can't be that guy and eventually lead the team in targets.

Brooks is a guy that might be slow out the gate due to injury but he's still super young (20 years old turning 21 soon). His value is depressed due to injury but in 2025 and beyond he doesn't really have much competition. He's better than anyone else on that roster right now. Easing him into the offense probably isn't a bad thing either and in dynasty he is a guy we all wish we didn't sleep on. Would he have been a mid first pick this year if he didn't blow his ACL?

Worthy and Thomas both have the chance to eventually lead their teams in targets too. I really like both of them and probably rank Worthy higher due to the QB play and the potential of that offense.

This is a really really tight tier for me.
how does everyone rank the guys around 1.08 to 1.12
Partly dependent on team need I think.

If you're RB needy you'd take the RB for sure. I did that. with the full field to choose from at 1.05 in a non SF.

Between the rest, I think McConkey is the safest but probably has the lowest ceiling. BTJ probably the highest ceiling given his physical alpha stature. Worthy the wildcard with the widest range of potential outcomes and for me the highest chance of busting.

As you've stated, it's really a pick your poison when you have to, but definitely trade down as far as you can if possible.

I'd go;

1. Brooks
2. BTJ
3. Worthy
4. McConkey
Jim Nagy
Here's what #BoltUp fans can expect from @seniorbowl rookies:

⚡️ WR Ladd McConkey (Round 2, Pick 34)- Our second highest graded senior WR behind Rome Odunze last summer. Fast, savvy, & dependable. Can win at all three levels. Undressed some good corners in Mobile. Has legit chance to be Justin Herbert's go-to guy as rookie.

⚡️ DT Justin Eboigbe (Round 4, Pick 105)- Played his best ball in 2024 coming off neck injury. Fits Bama's fence post DL profile. Versatile 4i/5-tech can play locked-out at POA. Aligned up/down Bama's front. Immediate solid depth level run-downs player.

⚡️ CB Cam Hart (Round 5, Pick 140)- One of favorite picks in entire draft. Big, physical, & tough with elite athletic profile (9.00 RAS). Made nice jump in '23 from junior tape. Mature enough to transition quickly. Wouldn't be surprised if he earned starting role outside as rook.

⚡️ RB Kimani Vidal (Round 6, Pick 181)- Anyone who follows us knows how we feel about Vidal. A+ character. Expect ex-Ravens Dobbins & Edwards to be 1-2 punch to start season but Vidal to have a significant role by year's end. Best pass pro RB in 2024 class could help immediately on sub downs. 🚨Fantasy owners!

⚡️ WR Brenden Rice (Round 7, Pick 225)- Breakout season last fall. Physical in-cutting route runner. Good feel getting open on Caleb Williams' scrambles. Better deep gear than 40 time (4.50) suggests. Definitely has make-it physical talent. Could end up being tremendous value pick.

Zack Cox
Drake Maye really likes what he's seen from Ja'Lynn Polk and Javon Baker so far:

“Man, they look good. They look good. They made some plays in 7-on-7, I threw a couple being them, and they still made the catches. I don’t know if we’ve had one on the ground yet, knock on wood. That’s the goal out here: come out here, routes on air, and be 100%.

"Those guys are going to be some special players.”
Andrew Mason
Broncos head coach Sean Payton sees plenty to like about rookie RB and @MemphisFB product @BlakeWatson_2, a potential “joker” in the offense.

“We saw a player that was natural catching the ball & so, that was a big draw,” he said, “…and you saw pretty good football I.Q. too.”

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