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(Dynasty) 6 pt or 4 pt QB TDs? (1 Viewer)

QB Scoring

  • 6 point TDs

    Votes: 29 59.2%
  • 4 point TDs

    Votes: 20 40.8%

  • Total voters


Assume a 12 teamer. In dynasty leagues, do you prefer QBs to score 6 pts or 4 pts per TD? You can vote and/or provide reasoning.

Without spewing a bunch of numbers, I think it's pretty well known that a 6 pt per TD pass scoring system heavily favors QBs while a 4 pt TD pass balances scoring fairly well. It immediately throws QBs into the top two rounds of a redraft while with the 4 pt TD pass you generally see a more balanced draft.

Personally I prefer the 4 pt TD. How about someone post the analysis of this since I'm too lazy :no:

6 pt easily for me. The value of the QB is plenty low as it is, right now, without lowering their TD value. 4 pt also greatly increases the value of the running QB. Not a bad thing, I just like more balance.

6 points. The most vaulable player in the NFL is the QB. Thus it should be the same in FF.Rarely does a team in the NFL win the SB with an aberage (or less) QB. Should be the same in dynasty FF.


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