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ADP report- rookie drafts (1 Viewer)


MFL (that I can see) doesn't allow for sorting ADP data for 1QB vs superflex- making their ADP data a mix of what would seem to be 50/50 1QB vs 2QB or superflex.

But I thought it might be useful to see what recent ADP data looks like from MFL rookie drafts. 1QB (12 team) I'm guessing Williams/ Daniels are down 2-6 spots and the other 4 guys down about a full round. That seemed to be the case in my two 12 teamers. I know that in my 14 teamer with 6pt passing TDs and bumps for yardage over the typical settings, our QB values are halfway between superflex and typical 12 team/ 4pt passing.

1. MHJ
2. Nabers
3. Williams
4. Odunze
5. Bowers
6. Daniels
7. Brooks
8. Worthy
9. Thomas Jr.
10. McConkey
11. Coleman
12. Benson
13. McCarthy
14. Maye
15. Persall
16. Legette
17. Mitchell
18. Corum
19. Nix
20. Wright
21. Lloyd
22. Wilson, Roman
23. Penix
24. Polk
25. Sinott
26. Burton
27. Franklin
28. Corley
29. Davis
30. Sanders
31. Vidal
32. McCaffrey
33. Irving
34. Baker
35. Estime
36. McMillan
37. Tracy
38. Shipley
39. Rattler
40. Allen
41. Guerendo
42. Theo Johnson
43. Stover
44. Walker
45. Washington
46. All
47. Rice
48. Laube
Looking at that list one that stands out is Blake Corum at #18. In addition to the similar skills, the #1 back in front of him is already having injury problems.

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