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Dynasty assets you're dropping to win now? (1 Viewer)


Wondering if there are other dynasty teams that have found found themselves making drops they weren't planning on in the name of keep-away, or doing everything they can to maximize their chances of winning in the fantasy playoffs? Who have you dropped and what did you do with the roster spot? I have the #1 seed and a week 15 bye in a 12-team x 24-man dynasty. I've already dropped a few names I had every intention of at least carrying into the offseason.

N. Hines - favorite sleeper pick that was obviously a big whiff. I think he could resurface in fantasy on the Bills offense in '23, or even in '22 if Singletary were to go down. But just not enough upside to make him a priority hold. I originally added Mike White as an insurance QB when Rodgers looked questionable. Have moved on to the Lions DST. They're coming on a bit and have some pretty decent matchups.

Gus Edwards - didn't really need the rb depth, so traded him for peanuts to a "safe" team (upgraded my 3rd rounder). At the time, I really wanted to get Ingram on my roster after he was elevated to the #2 spot in ARI behind Conner. I have since moved on from Ingram to Knight.

As mediocre as the Titans DST has been, I still feel like I need to take them off the table as a week 16 threat playing Houston. My likely opponent doesn't have great week 16 options at DST. I think I might have to drop either D. Henderson or I. Likely to make it happen. Henderson is probably a safe play here given the quick release from Jacksonville, but I still wouldn't mind keeping him around to see where he lands this offseason. I don't think that a bad team picks him up in the coming weeks and actually gives him the rock, but stranger things have happened.

Likely should be stashed, but doesn't seem likely to contribute much the rest of this season. Noah Gray, Bellinger, and Ferguson are all FAs and I think they're decent stashes in the offseason. I would be able to pick one up when I'm done playing keep-away on DSTs. I would rather stash Likely, but I don't know that he's THAT much better of a prospect.

Not going to lie, I'm tempted to drop Zamir White. Even if Jacobs does take the payday elsewhere (which I don't think is a given), I really don't know how much of a role I can expect from Zamir in '23 at this point. Even if they had him pegged as a backup rb getting a decent number of carries next season, wouldn't he be getting a little more than what they're giving him right now? I think I'm going to force myself to hold through the offseason, but it's really starting to feel like I'm holding a candle for something that isn't going to materialize.

Some additional context, my dynasty league ENDS if the the other team on bye wins the championship this season.
In my case, I find myself making moves to block (playoff) opponents more than to help my own team. I am trying to avoid losing any promising dynasty assets.

So far, I’ve been able to pick up guys like M. White and Z. Knight and a few hot IDP players (like Uche and C. jones) and have only had to cut Shenault and some JAG IDP guys to do so.

Have not yet started making moves to pick up dynasty lottery tickets
Not dropping any dynasty assets, but I guess that's because I feel okay with my roster for the playoffs.
In my case, I find myself making moves to block (playoff) opponents more than to help my own team.

Yeah, that's kind of what I'm getting at with the thread. Zonovan Knight is probably my one acquisition that was done more for playoff depth than long term outlook. But who knows, maybe he'll surprise and stick as a backup in '23.

Otherwise, it's DST keep-away for me. I don't think I will be able to pivot off of the Cowboys week 16 matchup against the Eagles. However I have added Lions, Jaguars, and possibly Titans because they have week 16/17 matchups that I don't want used against me.
I’m more interested in the other side of the equation - fringe bench players that I’ll likely not start in the playoffs for underperforming potential in particular so I don’t have to draft them next year in a vet draft.

I flipped a few old IDP defenders like the above for high drafted potential like Channing Tindall as an example. He might turn to nothing but then I’ll just drop him to make room next year.
Our league allows teams to drop-add after being eliminated and before the end-of-year lockdown.

So as contender, right now it's about (A) adding anything that has a chance of helping my playoff lineup (B) adding anything that has a chance of helping my opponent's playoff lineup.

As a dynasty manager, it hurts my heart dropping players that I liked enough to keep on my roster for a while just to add mediocre DSTs with great playoff matchups. I'm looking forward to the next phase or purging these DSTs for offseason stashes.
Some additional context, my dynasty league ENDS if the the other team on bye wins the championship this season.
If possible, could you elaborate on what is triggering the league to end? TIA..

Empire Dynasty League. Every year, half the entry fee goes to the champ, and the other half goes to the team that eventually wins the league in back-to-back years. This is year 5, so it's a pretty nice sum for becoming the "Emperor". I have a 13-1 team that outscored every other team in the league by 14+ PPG, but the defending champ is definitely a threat to take down the league this postseason. We would do a complete league reset in 2023 if that were to happen.

Losing a team that I have built up for five years would hurt. Losing them because my opponent played a DST against me that I identified as a threat, but couldn't bring myself to part with the possibility of a Darrell Henderson resurgence would be complete and utter devastation.
I dropped Henderson no question and am close to dropping James Robinson too. Inactive behind a UDFA plus was traded. Brutal
I dropped James Robinson this week, I have L-Jax, Huntley and Lawrence in a 16 team league, given the uncertain injury concerns with all 3 at the time (Tues waivers) I picked up CJ Bethard and dropped Robinson, yes I get that Lawrence may be good to go as well as Huntley but I didn 't want to chance taking a zero at QB this week. At least I know I would have a pivot to Bethard ifneeded as Huntley plays Sat.

I agree on Robinson being a healthy scratch 2 of the last 3 weeks after being driven out of Jax via trade.

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