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Dynasty Drop Advice (QB/RB) (1 Viewer)


League parameters : IDP Devy Dynasty, PPR, TE Premium, Superflex

My QB and RB positions in particular are in flux due to injuries and other oddness you will follow in the below (active roster, non-devy's)

QB - Aaron Rodgers, Deshaun Watson, Phillip (P.J.) Walker, Philip Rivers
RB - Christian McCaffrey, Cam Akers, James Conner, Philip Lindsay, Latavius Murray, Todd Gurley

Initial thoughts:

I grabbed RIvers when Wentz looked like he might miss time and murmurs started, but seems like that might not be happening and he's just a wasted spot at this point. Watson is almost certain to miss time, so my superflex is hosed this year without much depth if Rivers doesn't come back or unless Darnold would get hurt. Gurley was a decent flex option early last season but fell off a cliff and we know is still a free agent. It's still hard to cut him admittedly because that position is hurting now with Akers out as well.

Waiver Wire Options (to replace the bolded):

QB : Jacoby Brissett (replace Rivers or Walker with him in case Tua stinks it up or maybe if the Colts do end up needing to trade for a backup?)
RB : Samaje Perine, Justin Jackson, Mark Ingram, Corey Clement, Frank Gore

Follow up thoughts:

I'm tempted to dump Rivers for Brissett so maybe between Tua/Wentz/Darnold I might get a backup QB until Watson can play in 2021. Another option is pondering if I drop one of my QBs and Gurley and replace with two RBs like Jackson and Ingram to try to offset a little more of the Akers fallout. Thoughts?

I would drop Rivers immediately.  He is not playing again.  None of the options you have listed on waivers are worth anything at this point other than a completely speculative add and I really don't see a path for any of them to be difference makers.  They are most likely just roster cloggers.  Of the RB's I would put them in this order:

  • Ingram (I could see him getting work in Houston if Lindsay gets hurt)
  • Perine (did ok last year and Mixon is no guarantee)
  • Jackson (eh I probably wouldn't pick him up unless Chargers get some serious RB injuries in camp)
  • Clement (wouldn't waste a spot on him)
  • Gore (wouldn't waste a spot on him)
@Gally Thanks for the reply!

I went ahead and dropped Rivers and grabbed Brissett and with Conner going on COVID I speculatively added Ingram and Jackson when word was Jackson had a hold of RB2. Now he's hurt again. I still have Gurley clogging things too and I need to make room for Conner.

Thought I have now is to dump Jackson to get Conner back on the active roster since I need to make that happen. Next to go is probably Gurley since I think he's done done now with no traction on signing him but the only new option at this point to potentially consider is Tony Jones Jr. in case New Orleans decides to jettison Murray too. Akers' injury really threw my RB position into hell for 2021.


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