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Dynasty Help - please (1 Viewer)


Dynasty league start 2RBs and 3-4 LBsI was offered:Freddy T/Toefield/Antonio Pierce/2006 1st rounderforCaddy/Jay ForemanMy RBsEdge/RhodesPortis/BettsMike AndersonCiatrick Fason Mewelde Moore Cedric Cobbs My LBsBarnettLehmanDJ Williams (SSB hell now :rant: )JuneThorntonFormanTinoiCrowderMitchellFincherI'm somewhat torn because I'm pretty sure that the 1st rounder next year will be a top pick because the guys team is horrible (I don't have a 1st next year). The only two guaranteed starting LBs I have are Barnett and Lehman. DJW - who knows. June/maybe but I can't get gardner. Foreman??? Crowder probably no help till next year. Mitchell/ Fincher don't look to promising right now.My LBs are very suspect and they are large consistent contributors in our league. The "RB" or IDP. Scoring is 1.25/tkl .5/ast 4/sck 4/int 2/pdThe main risk near term is that I am not able to draft a good RB next year with the #1 pick because I believe that Freddy T/Toefield are at least as valuable as Caddy this year. To mitigate that risk I am getting a for sure top 20 and potential top 10 LB.Thoughts?

I'd sit tight. Bird in the hand, and I think your LBS are ok for now. You are right about next year. Who knows who you will get and you can be sure they will not have a better situation than Caddy. Besides, if Fred T. is out, who is to say Toefield will get all the carries?

What if it was for Spikes instead of Pierce? I am going crazy this offseason with my luck at LB.DJW to SSBLehman now a 2nd stringer (hopefully this will change)Fincher/Mitchell can't step it upForeman released


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