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Dynasty & Redraft: Trent Sherfield, WR SF (1 Viewer)


The year of the UDFA continues. Trent Sherfield led the Cardinals putrid offense in catches, yards and routes run this weekend. He was a preseason darling and has been on the roster all year. He had a decent career in the SEC playing for Vanderbilt. I wouldn’t say his athleticism is outstanding but I would say it’s above average and he’s a little on the short side. May be a desperation add/DFS play with the amount of targets he received. 

College highlights

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Trent Sherfield did not catch either of his two targets in the Dolphins' Wild Card Round loss to the Bills.

Sherfield seemingly entered the 2022 season as Miami’s fourth receiver at best, but he quickly leaped Cedrick Wilson on the depth chart and took over the WR3 duties. After Week 2, he consistently hovered around a 66 percent snap share. Sherfield wasn’t a consistent fantasy option but did chip in for the occasional big gain, including a 75-yard catch-and-run on the opening play of Miami’s Week 13 loss to the 49ers. He ended the year with 30 catches for 417 yards and two touchdowns. Sherfield won’t be on the radar in season-long leagues next year but could get some buzz as a flier in deeper formats.


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