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[DYNASTY] rookie picks... (1 Viewer)


Team and league info in sig...

As you can see, my needs are, in order:

1. QB - for Palmer's insurance;

2. WR - no young studs - ok depth;

3. DL - starting 3 and having to rely on Howard or Hall;

4. RB - Dillon is older by the minute, "Edge's situation";

5. DB - good young guys;

6. TE - no need there;

7. K - we need to have one.

With the 1.11 pick... I would imagine that these guys will be gone:

1. QB - Leinart, Young;

2. WR - Jackson, Holmes;

3. DL - none;

4. RB - Bush, Williams, White, Maroney, Addai;

5. DB - none;

6. TE - Davis;

7. K - none;

... making it 10 guys out of the way...

Since our league rewards only sacks and ints - no point for tackles... would you imagine looking at Mario Williams to boost your DLs talent/depth for years to come?...

Or is that just a silly thought... and one of Cutler, Moss, Calhoun/Norwood/Harrson/Drew is what you would target?...

Should I stick to offensive players in the first rounds (1.11 & 2.12) - and try to grab Kiwanuka, Hali or even Hawk later on? (or any other sack artist that might be lesser known? please post some names if you know a gem)...

Your thoughts...



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