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Dynasty: Royce Freeman for who? PPR Superflex (1 Viewer)


Was offered a trade of my Royce Freeman for his 2019 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th. That is an easy pass for me but I am trying to determine an appropriate counter, if any. Interesting players on his roster include Golladay, Pettis, Aaron Jones (I own Jamaal Williams), and Dion Lewis. I’m thinking that a 2nd, Golladay, and either Jones or Lewis might be acceptable for both parties. Thoughts? I am a tad worried about Freeman this year due to offensive play calling and Lindsay getting so much work last game

Jones and some picks could work, however I'd be content with Freeman. No way he lets Lewis go.
The 2nd would be a must but the other picks do nothing for me. I don’t think he would let go of Lewis either but I am in need of a starter if I let Freeman go. I am happy with him but see no reason to pass up the opportunity to try to upgrade in a few places if possible


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