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[DYNASTY] Smith, Bruce, Kennison, Muhammad (1 Viewer)


I have been trying to gauge the dynasty value of some of the older WRs and find myself asking how long guys like Rod Smith, Isaac Bruce, Eddie Kennison and Moose can keep it up.

Here are their situations and the questions I see.

Rod Smith is 36 and is entering his 12th season. He has consistently performed as the number one option in Denver and has almost never been injured. Some may see the Javon Walker signing as a detriment to Smith, but I think it may actually free him up a bit and prove to be a benefit having his first real threat opposite him since Easy Ed McCaffrey. At 36, he's proving himself to be one of the more enduring of NFL WRs. Question: Smith's situation is good, but how much longer can he continue to go?

Isaac Bruce is 34 and is entering his 13th season. He battled injury last year, but is only one year removed from and 89 catch 1300yd campaign. Playing opposite Holt means a good share of single coverage. Linehan's offense should be a great system for Holt and Bruce. Bruce does have to contend with the up and coming Kevin Curtis. Question: Does Bruce bounce back and hold off Curtis-- and if so, for how long does he do it?

Eddie Kennison is 33 and and is entering his 12th season. He has been consistent since he landed in Kansas City and has fared well as their number one WR and a complement to Gonzalez. He is not the most talented WR in the league, but has put together two consecutive 60+ catch, 1100yd seasons and continues to be an undervalued fantasy WR. Without any major threats to his role in Kansas City right now, he looks poised to continue a solid career there. So how many years can he keep it up until he is replaced in KC or begins to diminish in ability?

Muhsin Muhammad is 33 and is entering his 11th season. After his career year in 2004, Moose went to the Windy City and put up very pedestrian numbers while dealing with a terrible QB situation. With a great Oline, a great running game and a great defense no one expects huge numbers from the passing game. Combined with questions at the QB position, Moose's situation is not the best for a fantasy WR. Given his situation and age, how do you see Moose's value for the next few years?

I like the old guys...and would appreciate your thoughts.

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I think Rod could have a solid year. I think last year was best he'll do for the rest of his career, but I could see a 900/6 type year. I don't think Javon (while he's superior to Lelie) really affects Smith at all. Lelie, while people love to bash him, is a solid deep threat and was treated as such. 1000/6 #2

Kennison, I'm shocked this guy is still in the league and producing at the level he is. He might be the best bet for 2006 on this list. No real threats to him at WR with a solid passing QB in Green. 1100/6 #1

I think Bruce can definitely hold off Curtis (who's one of the more overrated fantasy WR's out there IMO). I think it depends whether A) Bulger can stay healthy B) How much more will the TE's be emphasized and will they run more with Jackson than the past. I could see him having another 1000 yard sesaon. 1000/5 #3

I think Moose's contract is up after 2007 (or that's when he's likely to be cut). I've made my thoughts known on his fantasy potential. I just don't see it. I've seen some thinking he'll be a WR1 again....it's not happening. IMO The next Bears 1,000 yard receiver won't be him. Bears are going to be a ground and pound offense again. If they can run it 40 times/game with Jones/Benson, I expect them to do just that. 800/6 (with greater potential for more TD's than Smith) #4. He's just not a receiver I'd want to bank on week in and out.

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