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Dynasty Trade Advice - Watkins (1 Viewer)


I could use RB bench - only have Gurley, Kamara, Collins, Lewis

WR is deep, but no monster: Diggs, Cooper, Cooks, Watkins, Corey Davis, Ross, Ridley, Shepard

Was offered Tarik Cohen for Watkins.  I think Watkins has more value, but not too many Watkins believers out there (including me), so may be challenging to move for more.  Opinions?

10 team dynasty.  PPR, 2QB (not relevant to discussion)

Start 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1 Flex

Do it. Two of your four RB's have the same bye week so if there is an injury well you know the rest.

Hold. I think his value will grow throughout  the season. KC is going to pass alot. He'll get targets. He'll make good if he stays healthy. Cohen is a gadget guy. Not the next T. Hill.


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