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Dynasty Trade for CJ Stroud? (1 Viewer)


Dynasty League
12 Team
.5 PPR
Current Roster
QB: K Murray, D Watson (now on IR), and just picked up Stafford as a backup
RB: B. Hall, J.Taylor, D. Montgomery, D. Achane, D. Foreman, K. Miller, K. Gainwell, E. Mitchell
WR: ARSB, DK Metcalf, DJ Moore, C Godwin, J Williams, J Reed

Give: D Montgomery
Get: CJ Stroud

If I can get it done, this sort of seems like a no brainer but for some reason I’ve got a little bit of hesitation giving up D Mont. Gibbs is already starting to cut into, D Monts workload, but it’s looking like they could still be a RB 1A and 1B.

I can definitely use some support on the QB front, and CJ has really impressed in his rookie year. The CJ owner has had their eye on D Mont for a bit now, and the door is open to likely make this happen.

I likely won’t be in contention this year (but there’s a chance), so thinking as more of a long term move.

Anything I’m missing on this? Thank you!
With Achane back, I would make the deal for Stroud. Having Kyler & CJ in a dynasty league is huge. Allows you to deal 1 down the road for a better RB/WR.
I think it is a trade that makes sense for you even in a 1 QB league because there is no guarantee that Kyler stays healthy or is really back to form. It's gives you solid flexibility and as darinB300 pointed out if both QB's hit their marks you could move one down the road to fill a need if it arises.

I don't think Monty does much for you long term and since you are not likely in contention this is the type of move that could help in the future.

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