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Dynasty trade question (1 Viewer)


I am in a ten team PPR Dynasty league. We hold 17 players at year end. I am strong at RB with Hunt, Kamara, Barber, Collins and Breida/Morris (Guice on IR) but weak at WR with Keenan Allen, Goodwin, Woodson, Hohn Brown and Sammy Watkins. Would you give up Peyton Barber for Alshon Jeffery? Peyton is limited as a pass catching back but Jeffery won’t be back for 2-4 weeks and has a history of getting hurt. Is it worth the risk/reward since I am so weak at WR? 

Definitely not, I think there is a much larger upside to Peyton Barber and I think you could get much more than Jeffrey for him.


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