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Dynasty Trade (1 Viewer)


My current RBs:

Z Elliott, Mixon, Ajayi, L Miller, D Lewis, Hyde, Crowell, Sony Michel, Breida, J White, Aaron Jones

Current WRs:

A Brown, Crowder, Richardson, Jon Ross, Merrideth, K Cole, G Allison, Gallup

Which trade should I accept in my Dynasty League?

1) I get: Mike Evans, D Henry, A Collins

    I give up: Mixon, Ajayi, Michel, J Ross

2) I get: D Hopkins, K Allen

    I give up: Zeke Elliott 

Thanks for the input!

Option 1 is a No and option 2 is something that would definitely help your WR's and I'd  seriously think about it just giving up Zeke because your RB's are solid and deep.


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