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Final Trade before the deadline, trying to solidify for the Playoffs (1 Viewer)


My squad below in a 16-team league with 1 PPR scoring. Starting lineup requirements:
1 QB
1 RB
2 WRs
1 TE
2 Flex (RB, WR or TE)
1 K

My team
QBs- Fields and Russell Wilson
RBs- Jonathan Taylor, Jaylen Warren, Spears and Zeke
WRs- Evans, McLaurin, Hopkins, Lockett, Boyd and Michael Wilson
TEs- Kmet and Otton
K- Tucker and Myers
Def- Seahawks and Titans

I give up Warren, Hopkins, Otton and Seahawks' D
I get Etienne, Rashee Rice, Goedert and Jags' D

What do you think?
I like the deal .. big boost at RB as you never know what you can get from Warren.

Etienne/Lockett at Flex is better than Warren/Hopkins
I followed up the above trade with 2 more tonight.

I gave Rashee Rice and Zeke for Zack Moss and Jaylen Waddle.

Then I gave Kmet and Tyler Boyd for Shultz and Curtis Samuel.

My new starting lineup after my 3 trades today-

Taylor and Etienne
Evans, Waddle, McLaurin or Lockett
Tucker or Myers
Jags or Titans' D

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