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I would like Bijan. Trade thoughts? (1 Viewer)


Hi All,

As per title I would like to try and trade for Bijan. 14 team lge PPR. I am currently 4-2 they are 2-4 and will go 2-5 most likely.. its 50/50 if I go 5-2 or 4-3.
A couple of other teams going 1-6 this week so I might try and pick something from them if this isnt successful.

Who do you think I could trade with this guy? Obv I dont want ot give up Chase or Etienne. Thoughts?

My team
QB Jackson: RB Etienne, Brian Robinson JR: WR, Davis, Lockett, Shaheed: TE Kittle: K Jake Elliot Def Browns
Bench: QB Stroud: RB Ahmed, Reynolds:WR Chase, Hardman: Def Cheifs.

His Team

QB Ridder: RB Bijan Robinson, Gibbs: WR Flowers, Rice, Nacua: TE Goedert: K Gay: Def Giants
Bench: QB Murray: RB Pierce, Spears, Warren: WR Higgins, Pickens.

Thanks for the opinions in advance.
You can try Brian Robinson, Stroud, Browns (or Gabe Davis) but I doubt he accepts.

He needs QB and defense help. His WR's are actually pretty good (but underperforming) and his RB's have potential but need things to go right. I don't think you have a good match to pull it off.

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