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[DYNASTY] WR #36 (1 Viewer)

WR #36

  • Nate Burleson

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  • Eric Moulds

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  • Muhsin Muhammad

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  • Mike Williams

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  • Derrick Mason

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  • Ernest Wilford

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  • Kevin Curtis

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  • Joey Galloway

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  • Mark Bradley

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  • Other

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1 - Chad Johnson - Cincy Bengals

2 - Randy Moss, Oakland Raiders

3 - Torry Holt, St. Louis Rams

4 - Steve Smith, Carolina Panthers

Links to 2 and Runoff

5 - Larry Fitzgerald - Arizona Cardinals

6 - Anquan Boldin Arizona Cardinals

7 - Terrell Owens Philadelphia Eagles

8 - Marvin Harrison Indianapolis Colts

9 - Plaxico Burress New York Giants

10 - Reggie Wayne Indianapolis Colts

11 - Darrell Jackson Seattle Seahawks

12 - Hines Ward Pittsburgh Steelers

13 - Javon Walker Green Bay Packers

14 - Andre Johnson Houston Texans

15 - Roy Williams Detroit Lions

16 - Chris Chambers, Miami Dolphins

17 - Santana Moss, Washington Redskins

18 - TJ Houshmandzadeh

19 - Braylon Edwards

20 - Lee Evans

21 - Michael Clayton

22 - Donte Stallworth

23 - Matt Jones

24 - Deion Branch

25 - Laveranues Coles

26 - Jerry Porter

27 - Drew Bennett

28 - Donald Driver

29 - Mark Clayton

30 - Ashley Lelie

31 - Troy Williamson

32 - Brandon Lloyd

33 - Joe Horn

34 - Reggie Brown

35 - Antonio Bryant

Who's #36?

If you vote other, please specify.

Also, please comment on your vote, and list any player that should be nominated for the next round.

(note: Arnaz Battle*, Isaac Bruce*, Keenan McCardell, Samie Parker, Amani Toomer, Roddy White, Charles Rogers, Michael Jenkins, Roddy White, and Rod Smith added soon)

*Removed for getting 0 votes.

I voted for Galloway since he was #7 in scoring this year. Sure he's old but he's not going away yet. He's only 2 months older than Joe Horn who went 3 picks ago and he had a much much better year. He's only 9 months older than Harrison, whom he OUTSCORED, and who went at #8.I'd rather have him on my dynasty squad than any of the other guys.Moulds is over the hill. 81 receptions for 816 yards and 4TDs is very unimpressive. Mason would be my second choice I guess. He's younger than all of them and proved this year he can put up 1000 yard seasons no matter what crappy team he's on or what crappy QB is throwing to him.Remember guys, dynasties aren't just about the future. You still have to win this year.

I picked Kevin Curtis. Not too young to be a development player, but not too old where he'll be gone next year.I think Galloway had a career year and he'll still be very productive next year, but when I asked myself who I'd rather have right now on my dynasty team, Curtis was the man.

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Voted Bradley.Other players: I had mentioned a pick or two ago that guys like Santonio Holmes and Derek Hagan should be on the ballot soon. Chad Jackson too (now that he has declared).

Tough choice here and it depends on your perspective.Like potential - Mike Williams takes it.Like potential that has shown something - Curtis or Wilford.Old timer, but still productive - Galloway or Moose.I don't see why Moulds should lead this poll right now, I wouldn't take him over anyone else on the list. I voted Moose, but could easily have gone with one of the other 4 I listed.


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