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Dynasty WR Upgrade, but worth the 2 for 1? (1 Viewer)


12 Team Dynasty with IDP's- 36 man rosters and 10 man taxi squads (rookie + second year only). Start 3 WR (+ 1 Flex). 

I've got Hill, Diggs, Godwin, Golladay, Pittman, Mooney, Brian Edwards, Van Jefferson and Kadarius Toney at WR. Flex spots at other positions would be CEH, Miles Sanders as RB 3/4 and Goedart, Cook as my TE2/3. 

I was offered Ceedee Lamb for Godwin and Golladay. Also includes a 2022 first round draft swap. I'm normally top 3 each year, he's normally bottom 3... so I'd be picking near the top of next years draft.

Worth the upgrade? I'm not as high on Godwin after Brady spread the ball around so much last year and Golladay is well, Golladay.

Stick with what I've got or pull the trigger?



I probably make that trade.  Godwin already dinged, Golladay dinged.  It seems like a good deal.  I might see if I can get another throw in (2nd or 3rd rounder or similar).  


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