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E.Wilford.....wr Jax (1 Viewer)

He put up a decent year....coming out of nowhere. What do you all feel about his future in Jax. Will he be behing Reggie and Matt or will he stay the #2 man there?

I really think Reggie Williams is the odd man out.They will continue to give him every chance to succeed, but I think Wilford is just a better WR than him.In no way am I comparing Wilford to T.O., but the situation is kind of the same. Reggie was the highly touted 1st Rd. draft pick (JJ Stokes) but Wilford has outperformed him every step of the way (T.O.).I think Del Rio does realize this and has given Wilford the chance to play.

I think the Jags could be the model of what the Lions could have done or tried to do if they had a veteran WR like Jimmy Smith to lead the young guys. Williams , Jones , and Wilford all could have the abilty to be one of the better young group of WR's for the next 5-10 years with Lefty improving as well.I would not discount Reggie Williams yet but Wilford was a great playmaker in Va Tech and it is not a surprise he contined it in the NFL. The Jags are in a good situation.

He is a very big, strong WR who excels in the red zone. May have been as good or better than J.Smith THIS year, but didn't get the opportunities 'till later in the year. He has staked his claim the the #2 WR in Jax and is the heir apparrent to J.Smith. Matt Jones will supplant R.Williams, who should make a great #3, and barring injury should take the #2 or 1 spot when Smith moves on/retires. A 2nd year WR with a steep learning curve who is my leading candidate for the stereotypical 3rd year 'breakout' WR.


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