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Edelman over others? (1 Viewer)


Is it better to take a wait and see approach or put him in the line up right away over my other WR’s knowing he has chemistry with Brady and his match up? It’s 1 PPR. Other Wr’s are Baldwin vs. LAR and Enunwa vs DEN. This is for my FLEX spot. Appreciate any advice!



Edelman looked good in preseason. He hasn't been out with an injury. Gronk might be nicked up.

I'd start him.



I'm starting Edelman this week, Indy played overtime into TNF and their starting slot CB is out this week. 

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Edelman has such chemistry with Brady and hasn't been injured or anything, so he can def come right in and play. He prob has a higher floor than some ppl assume.

Baldwin - Wilson desperate for production but Baldwin can be streaky.

I'd go with Edelman this week until we can trust Wilson more.


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