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I think the Giants OL is underrated, they aren't good or anything, but I don't think they are bottom 5. They are a better run blocking line than they get credit for. Only 12 teams averaged more YPC than the Giants last year, and that was without Barkley. Some of the pass blocking woes, I think, can be chalked up to Daniel Jones not getting rid of the ball, often because nobody was open, which may not be a problem this season. 

That is probably low for the Vikings as well, though I guess its likely assuming with 2 rookie starters, they may not gel instantly. Say what one will about Reiff, he was pretty consistent, if unspectacular. 

I'd personally argue the Steelers have the worst OL.
Well Jones is still their starting QB. So I am not sure how that isn't still a problem.

Reiff was solid. I consider him a plus for the Bengals line this season.

Well Jones is still their starting QB. So I am not sure how that isn't still a problem.
I think it was more that Jones didn't have anyone to throw it to, and would hold the ball forever, instead of maybe taking off when he should have. Which was unfortunate as he's the fastest QB in the NFL(so fast his feet sometimes can't keep up) according to the NFL's MPH speeds. Also, Andrew Thomas is a strong candidate to take a leap in season 2.

I'm not going to say Jones is going to have a Josh Allen breakthrough(though Jones was a better passer through 2 seasons) but adding Golladay, Toney, and Barkley returning, might be the biggest upgrade any QB got this offseason. I think the Giants have real upside as an offense.


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