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Elimination Leagues (but not guillotine) (1 Viewer)

Captain Fantastic

Question for the universe:

I could swear at some point this summer I saw a league management site offering a league (public or build-your-own private) with the following special rules:
  • Set a new line-up every week.
  • Lowest scoring team eliminated each week.
  • You can only choose an NFL player ONCE per season (so if you start McCaffrey at RB in Week One, you cannot use him again the rest of the year).

I LOVE this idea and had long thought about doing it...but didn't want to go through the immense headache of running it myself. When I saw that someone was offering this exact thing via a league management site, I was thrilled. You'd think I would have bookmarked it or at least written it down on a napkin or something. Googling just returns info on more standard guillotine leagues.

Anyone ever seen what's described above? Did I imagine it? Help?

Many thanks!
You did not imagine it!

This will be my 13th year running this exact contest and it’s AWESOME. We have 63 people in it for the second year in a row (started with 18 in year 1).

I use MFL as the site for the contest. Feel free to DM me if you need setup pointers.

ETA: I see you mentioned that a website might manage this setup. That I’m not sure of. I built our league on MFL with some pointers from people here back in 2010
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