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Enlightenment on Cecil Shorts (1 Viewer)


I lucked into Cecil Shorts this week in exchange for a reserve QB (Ponder in a start 2 QB league) but admit to not knowing much about him. Never seen him play. I see him ranked all over as a top 25-30 WR and my Jacksonville bad team bias makes it hard for me to believe.

Is he an every week start in non-ppr? Matchup play? Is he really a 1100-1200 yd WR?

He's averaging 10.8 targets a game, and that's skewed by the Denver game he left early in due to injury. He's had double digit targets in every game, even with Blackmon in, but even moreso with Blackmon out.

Problem is this year, with only one touchdown and one big game going over 140 yards against Seattle (this game was the epitome of garbage time stats if you go back and watch), Shorts is just putting up respectable numbers and will get you about 80 yards a game.

Probably more solid in PPR, but I don't play PPR.

You know he'll get the opportunities, which is always good in fantasy.

I have to start him this week, so I'm hoping for a big one with Blackmon out.

I drafted shorts in my auction redraft then traded him two weeks ago in a deal to get RGIII. Wish I had him back now since the day after the the trade Blackmon (who was also on my roster) gets suspended and no A-Rod destroys Jordy's value.

Anyway, here is my take on him from watching a little bit this season.

He's not a big WR, in fact looks kind of small on the field, and he's not explosive, or a take the top off the defense type of WR either. But he's an excellent route runner, has reliable hands, and is very good at finding the soft spot in coverages. Despite not really being an explosive player, he has play making ability and is decent after the catch.

While JAX's QB play somewhat limits his productivity through the course of the game, as many have noted he does a lot of his damage once the team inevitably gets behind and has to throw the ball. He is by far the Jags best weapon in the passing game and will be a target monster. IMO a rock solid WR2 for the rest of the season, PPR or standard. The TDs havent been there but I would not be surprised to see him get 4-5 in the second half of the season.

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Shorts has a tough upcoming schedule, though, featuring Tenn. twice, AZ, CLE, and HOU:

Wide Receiver Strength of Schedule
Shorts' most productive fantasy game of the season so far has been against Seattle, so I wouldn't put much stock into his strength of schedule. Given that Jacksonville is always losing, it is a crap shoot as to which games he will be more productive in with regards to piling up numbers in garbage time. No way to predict it.

As Shorts gets the coverage, Mike Brown is the WR to own in JAX

sorry boys
Shorts got 13 targets a game when Blackmon was out and he was getting the coverage. Should be some room for Brown as well but Shorts will get his.

What I've come to really respect and like about Shorts is his toughness. He suffered an injury most thought would be a multi-week injury and he's been dealing with a sore groin all year. Playing on a winless team would be easy to shut it down a few weeks and get well but instead he's yet to miss a game. The early exit against Denver was one of my low points of the fantasy season but I recall assuming he was likely out 4-6 weeks after that, instead he was back next week.

I had Shorts last year and but for a serious brain fart would have obtained him in this week's waivers. The story here is not Blackmon being out though--and I would actually be more concerned now since Shorts will be getting the primary coverage. The key is Henne at QB. Compare his numbers last season with Gabbert and then with Henne. Especially in a ppr Shorts was gold, and even in a standard week worth rolling out as an every week WR2 imo.

He's a solid start each week in PPR. He gets me double digit points every single week, not bad for a No. 2 WR, and great for a No. 3.

Cecil Shorts Rips Jaguars Offense After Loss to Cardinals


"To have 1 target until 7 minutes left in the game, that's [bleeping] dumb. That's dumb, period."
He's correct, but they don't need the whining right now.

As a Shorts owner and somewhat of a fan, I hope whatever QB they draft turns out well.

Squeaky wheel, squeaky wheel.

Mike Wallace complained, then went off early in the season. Someone else just complained a few weeks ago and went off. Could Shorts be the third?

That game must have been something from a Jax fan perspective, I'm guessing people were shouting "where's Cecil?!" as the Jags blew one of their few leads of the year.


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