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Epic South Florida Run in '23...where does it rank? (1 Viewer)

Ministry of Pain

I know Florida takes a beating but I thought this deserved mention when you add up everything that is unfolding down here in South Florida recently

-University of Miami, both the Men reaching the Final Four and the ladies made it all the way to the Elite-8

-FAU also landed in the Final Four, almost a miracle by itself

-Panthers are in the Stanley Cup as an 8-seed

-The Heat have managed to find their way into the NBA Finals as an 8-seed

-Lionel Messi is coming to Inter Miami

-The Marlins are above .500 in June

It's a great day to be a sports fan in South Florida
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If you were to expand this out to the West Coast of Florida since 2020, Bucs-Super Bowl, Lightning twice going 3x in a row to the Finals, Rays World Series appearance and having an amazing start to the season in '23.
And we can add the Marlins to the list this year

The pandemic year, don't count IMO, they let 16 teams in
The other 2 times the Marlins have made the post season
World Series '97
World Series '03

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