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ESPN - Scoring changes? (1 Viewer)


I appear to already have won the Super Bowl by 2+ pts (113.7 to 111.08). The other guy is done and I have Tyler Bass. Our scoring allows does allow for a kicker to go negative. It's -1 for every missed FG. It is unlikely Bass misses three FG's without getting any made kicks but it is possible. I plan to take him out (it is allowed as I have gone kicker less a couple times this year already).

My question is does ESPN update scoring changes and what are the chances something gets changed? I have actually never seen it for an espn league. Anybody know of it happening?
Standard or IDP?

Scoring changes in normal FF are kinda rare, and not usually a big surprise... Some of the eagle eyes on Reddit will sniff them out and post plays likely to be reexamined by the scoring service.

However, in my anecdotal experience, scoring changes in IDP are much more common in the days after a game.
This is standard. Not IDP. The only thing I could think of for 2+ pts would be changing a sack (2 pts) for a team defense. So take one from mine (Phi) and give one to them (Raiders) would be about the only way.
Hoo baby. I don't envy you. Good luck, man, whatever you decide to do.

Stat corrections are rare but do happen for team defenses.

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