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Evan Engram on WAIVER WIRE?!!! (1 Viewer)


Hello team!

10-teams, half-PPR

I am in a league where high score each week gets $10 and 1st and 2nd place at the end get some money as well.

I need help with the waiver wire, as a team just dropped Evan Engram to pick up Kyle Rudolph (????).

QB: Alex Smith, Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes

RB: Alvin Kamara, Melvin Gordon, Lamar Miller, Peyton Barber

WR: Tyreek Hill, JuJu, TY Hilton, Julian Edelman, DeSean Jackson

TE: Jordan Reed, George Kittle

There are several players on the waiver wire I'd love to have, but I think I like the players on my team more.

QB: x

RB: Bilal Powell, Ekeler, Lindsay

WR: Tyler Lockett, Brandon Marshall, Enunwa, Geronimo Allison, Keelan Cole

TE: Evan Engram

As you can see, I am playing with amateurs and my team is stacked (imo). I need help finding the highest ceiling players off the waiver wire. My thoughts are:

1. Peyton Barber is a possible drop for Ekeler, being that I have Melvin Gordon. Otherwise, I think Barber has a higher ceiling/more trade value than those on the WW.

2. The player I am least certain about is DeSean Jackson. Sure, he had a huge week, and finally has a competent QB. But with Baldwin likely out for a while/never back to 100%, do Lockett or Brandon Marshall give more value?

3. Enunwa is the #1 WR in NYJ, but they played an awful defense and Darnold is far from proven.

4. Geronimo Allison.....can the Packers sustain three fantasy WRs? Does Geronimo have the ability to be the next big WR?

5. The position I am most worried about is QB. That's why I picked up Mahomes this week. I'm afraid Watson is a dud, but of course I'm holding onto him. Alex Smith is my safe floor. Mahomes is a potential stud.

6. How can I leave Engram on the WW? Feels like a sin...

Thanks all!

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You should grab Engram. Kittle is really unproven and Reed is a play away from injury so you would secure a solid back up to Reed. You could drop or trade Kittle.

I'd drop Alex Smith for Engram, and D-Jax for Ekeler. You don't need Smith at all, you have two guys with much higher ceilings, and arguably higher floors as well.

Reed and Kittle are both soft when it comes to injury. Still, to carry 3 TE's, to me seems to me to be a waste of roster space. If you have the bench spots, i suppose you can do that. I agree with the reply by Travdogg. Drop Smith for Engram and D-Jax for Ekeler. 


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