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Found this on a Falcons board...Enjoy!Safety The Falcons have huge needs at both safety spots. Bryan Scott has been a huge disappointment; Keion Carpenter has been terrible; Ronnie Heard, Omare Lowe, Cam Newton and Antuan Edwards may all be re-signed but only for backup possibilities and to fight out for a roster spot in camp. The Falcons are looking at guys like Michael Huff, Ko Simpson, or Pat Watkins for the strong safety spot. Simpson, Watkins, Huff as well as Laron Landry, Darnell Bing, Bernard Pollard and Greg Blue could be looked at for the free safety spot. Defensive End With only Chauncey Davis, Brady Smith and Patrick Kerney under contract for 2006 and Brady Smith likely to be cut for cap reasons, a need for a pair of Defensive Ends this off season is extremely high. The Falcons like guys who are quick off the line, but also have enough bulk to help shut down the run. One possibility is for the Falcons to look at a guy who is a bit big for a DE like Ray Edwards (first day) or Manase Hopoi (second day) with one of the picks at DE and a pure pass rusher like a Kamerion Wimbley or a Mark Anderson with another pick as a primary pass rusher on the second day. Offensive Linemen With only four offensive lineman under contract for 2006, the Falcons need some depth that can develop into future starters and another guy who could possibly start right away. The Falcons like smaller, more athletic offensive lineman similar to Denver and will likely not look for one in the first round and likely not even the second round unless a guy like Daryn Colledge, Eric Winston or Jonathan Scott slip to their pick. A need for a center may be addressed in the second day with a guy like Marvin Phillip, Donovan Raiola, or Patrick Ross. A guard for the future is also needed and a guy like Rob Sims, Aaron Lips, or Nate Livings on the second day is very possible as well. Tackles are abundant in this draft however and a few guy fit the Falcons schemes in the second day. Travis Leffew or Rashad Butler would be very good picks for the Falcons. Running Back With T.J. Duckett possibly being a free agent and Warrick Dunn possibly being cut, a need for a Running Back is eminent. The Falcons would love to get a guy like Laurence Maroney, Dontrelle Moore or Andre Hall because of their all around versatility. A big back is possible but not very likely as the scheme suits a smaller faster back. The Falcons would also emphasize receiving skills when scouting the running backs as there is a lot of West Coast Philosophy in the Falcons offense. Cornerback As of now, DeAngelo Hall, Jason Webster and Allen Rossum seem to be the only healthy corners on the roster for next year. Kevin Mathis is likely to retire and Chris Cash may or may not be re-signed. The Falcons have a need for a corner who could potentially become a very good right cornerback to complement DeAngelo Hall, but could also step in as a Nickel or Dime cornerback this year. Cornerbacks like DeMario Minter, Gerrick McPhearson, Darrell Hunter or Tye Hill would be better for the Falcons scheme than a taller Cornerback like a Jimmy Williams.

I'd not heard anything prior to this about Warrick Dunn possibly being cut. Can anyone corroborate that?

I'd not heard anything prior to this about Warrick Dunn possibly being cut. Can anyone corroborate that?
If his contract isn't restructured he will probably be cut. I think he is due $8.5 next season (may be the cap hit, can't remember). Dunn probably will restructure, though. I believe he wants to be a Falcon.
According to USA Today

Given that Warrick Dunn turns 32 next January, his long-term chances of remaining with Atlanta and in the NFL are fading. T.J. Duckett played poorly enough to make the Falcons consider letting him leave as an unrestricted free agent in March 2007. Thus, a player with LenDale White's potential might be too much to ignore.

RUNNING BACKS: Starters - RB Warrick Dunn, FB Justin Griffith. Backups - RB T.J. Duckett, FB Fred McCrary, RB DeAndra Cobb.

Dunn had the best season of his nine-year career and deserved his third trip to the Pro Bowl. He's a dual threat as a runner and receiver and his savvy in picking up blitzes provides a surprisingly effective asset for a 5-8, 180-pounder. Duckett ended the season on a five-game skid in which he gained 43 yards in 39 attempts. He performed so poorly that his average dropped to a career-low 3.1 yards per carry. Coach Jim Mora hinted at poor practice habits and a lack of aggressiveness in hitting the hole. Griffith continued to hone his primary skill of reading a defense and clearing a hole as if he were actually running the ball. He also is a dependable receiver on short routes. McCrary's contribution was negligible, but that wasn't his fault. The team signed him as an insurance policy for Griffith. Cobb proved to be a wasted draft choice as a sixth-round running back. He struggled to grasp the basic principles of game plans.



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