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fanball is horrible. I moved and joined a couple local leagues that use fanball. It is a joke. Worst site I have used. Not to mention that they reset one of the leagues this week so we have no idea who made the playoffs.

Fanball is so garbage. The site crashed for my league online draft so the entire league had to reschedule another time when everyone was free with only a few days before that regular season started, that was a freakin pain. And the site never has up to date injury status, so people have players sitting on IR or can't put them on IR. Oh and then the site crashed during Week 1, and people couldn't get their league Pick Em's in for that week, so we had to throw out the first weeks record in Pick Em. Our league gives a cash prize for the winner of that, so that was also wack. I'd much rather pay the extra money and go to some other site.

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