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FBG Player's Championship Mock (1 Viewer)

In honor of Training Camps starting this week I started a Mock Draft on AntSports for those of us in the FFPC and FBG 1.5 ppr for TE fantasy leagues.

Go to www.antsports.com and look for "FBG 1.5 ppr TE Mock 12 TEAM" in their Private Mock Drafts. The league ID is 5404, signup password is "FBG".

This is a slow draft with 8 hours allotted per pick.

I've got the 11 spot!

*EDIT - the first attempt at this somehow ended up with a 14 team league. Please be sure you sign up for the correct, 12 TEAM LEAGUE listed above!

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Hey - sorry about my computer selections last night. Couldn't get logged in from home for some reason.

Also, sorry that AntSports is still on 2012 rankings. It is making things a bit more challenging. I really thought they would have been updated by now

I'm not sure I can take this much farther then I have...
That's fine - given Antsports hasn't even updated their player lists to 2013 this was doomed from the start. Totally my bad.

I'll try and run a new one once Antsports is current. Unless someone knows of another site that has slow mocks like this....???


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