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the moops


I got some stuff that I dont need/want, but am too lazy to put on craigslist or ebay. I'd rather just swap it for someone else's stuff that they don't want.

Has this ever been tried here? For some reason it rings a bell, but I couldn't find anything in search.

How would this work? No idea. But here is what I got (trying to think of stuff that could be shipped fairly easily)

$50 REI gift card

$100 Amazon gift card

Makita drill/driver combo

A whole mess of hand tools - I seriously have a #### ton (could make up a sweet all-inclusive toolbox full of everything you need - toolbox included)

Crankbrothers eggbeater 2 pedals

Set of 10 handmade wooden chopsticks (made by moops himself from various hardwoods)

A bunch of wooden wave pattern sculptural wall hangings I made a few years ago (cooler looking than it sounds).

Probably some other stuff as well.

Anyone want to swap any of their stuff for any of this stuff? I can post photos and specs of stuff if anyone is interested. Let's make a deal.

We tried this three years ago. Everyone put up three things they wanted to get rid of. There was some good stuff too (including a flash drive of my 25gb iTunes collection). But it never went anywhere.

Well, let's just make this one about me getting rid of some of my stuff and getting things that I want in return. :thumbup:

Anyone have a tablet they want to trade for some tools? :)

I have a daisy wheel printer and a Bone Thugs in Harmony box set I can probably part with. Frosty is that kid likely to play in the WNBA or something? Printer works great!

I have a Free Agent Trail Bandit bike that's gathering dust. Thing was almost $400 new. Still has a lot of miles left in it. Will send a pic if anyone is interested.

I also have a lot of used baseball equipment. Most of it is top of the line. Including a Rawlings A2000 fielders glove, rht 11.5", lots of bats, other gloves, catchers gear, etc.

Custom made hunting knife. Paid over $200 for it. Never been used. Will send pics if interested.

I have more stuff if this thing grows some legs.

also would be interested in one of thinkpads.

looks like I may be making a complete switch away from Mac products :bag:

Ball Son Urchin said:
I need a couch. Will swap something for someone wanting to help me get a couch.
I want to help you get a couch, but I'm not sure how much help I can be so far away

I have an ex-wife that was ridden hard and out away wet often. Packaging still looks good. Beckett graded at 9.0. A little #####y. Very bitter.

Will pay for transport, just take over payments.

I have:

Season one of "Spectacle...Elvis Costello with...." Still sealed

Bob Dylan "Don't Look Back" DVD still sealed.


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