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Got hurt after I left work 3 weeks ago and my employer is giving me a hard time since the issue (1 Viewer)

A handwritten resume is not ideal. I’m happy to help you put a professional resume together.
My resume may be beyond repair. The hotel jobs were ~15 years ago and usually lasted 3-6 months before I quit. I have only had a couple 3-6 month jobs in the last 7 years.

I jotted down the resume right before walking over to use a point of reference, not exactly planning to hand it over. I had visited the hotel during the morning shift and the chill dude who worked then gave me the impression that getting hired would be a breeze. I don't really want to work for a boss/manager who gets hung up on a resume, even one that is written in crayon. She may have rejected me for other reasons.
Which union are we talking here, UFCW?

Whats your local?
Local 1776 UFCW. I got a gut feeling they ain’t doing a dam thing for me. Rumor has it my union rep is too friendly with my book keeper and store manager and won’t ruffle their feathers like my union rep before who unfortunately retired. She’d be having a field day with this

My other issue not sure who to report too if the union isn’t doing a dam thing. Call hr guy but remember HR works for the company. I need to see who it took to get this guys 2 strikes and see about talking to them about this. I’m friendly with the District manager but he’s friends with my department manager. Granted not sure how friendly they are today compared to back in the day. They’ll still say hi ask about family and all but don’t go out of their ways to hang out.

I have a neighbor who’s a local former store manager with the company I could ask. He’s always thought my boss was an *******. Maybe he can point me in the right direction. Been taking more walks to get out of the house but also in hope of seeing him out with his dog. Rather not bother him at home. Friendly with his wife so if I see her maybe tell her and she can relay it to him
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