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My GF and I are being targeted at work and my store manager is telling us to stop drama despite being the ones bullied (1 Viewer)

I would look to move on in the next month. The HS’s and colleges will be done soon and take the jobs.
Agree. Move on. Might have missed the best time with COVID and the desperate need for workers that came out of it but for sure strike now. This workplace environment sounds awful.
All I do is read your thread titles and you're wearing me out so I can't imagine how annoyed I would be if I was your supervisor.

Chill out and keep your personal business away from work.
Maybe I read that wrong, but they are special needs and getting constantly bullied, and that's your response? Wow
Say what?

I didn't read any of it. I heard theories before that DJax is on the spectrum but dude posts here A LOT and has a job so I had no idea they were both special needs. If so, my bad.

Good job being the board morality police though.

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