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FFAWT: Quarters 2: Linnus Scrimmage Memorial Draft (1 Viewer)


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Meh. Still not convinced there was enough evidence to overturn, but whatever.  Ellis is one of those guys that I'm not sorry to see leaving. Just ####ing tip it in.
I thought it should have counted. Looked like his left hand had let it go. 

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Got my first 5 through. 
Same here...overtime loss for #6 

absolutely crazy first round. everyone except DetroitFan had at least one double digit seed winner.  Woz has 5 first round winners and is in the hole.  Jules needs a Nova run or another couple wins from Syracuse (game against MTSU could help) or this could get UGLY.  

Come on providence. Could get all 5 through again.  Good day though regardless.

Indiana, Capella :coffee:

Some of those losses in the dollar league are truly staggering. 
Yeah it'd be fun to win hundreds instead of tens, but those deficits that we we in the dollar drafts every year really make it tough to pull the trigger. 

I finally talked some dudes at work into doing one of these, albeit for only dimes. It was rather apparent they were virgins. I ended up with this team. 

West Virginia 





Little Rock 

Northern Iowa


I showed those guys.  :sadbanana:


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