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FFAWT: Quarters 2: Linnus Scrimmage Memorial Draft (1 Viewer)

How about this (and please check my math):

Warsteinner pays $5.50 to Woz and $39 to me

Cappy pays $.50 to me (and no need to actually send it)

Everybody else pays Jules.

I sent 5.50 to Woz at his number. I'm pretty sure I sent him money that way last year. Mysh, can you confirm I can send it using your phone number?

Last visit.... 3 April. I hope I'm wrong, but it looks like he checked in one last time after Oklahoma lost and Linus Scrimmaged out the back door. 

Same here...overtime loss for #6 

absolutely crazy first round. everyone except DetroitFan had at least one double digit seed winner.  Woz has 5 first round winners and is in the hole.  Jules needs a Nova run or another couple wins from Syracuse (game against MTSU could help) or this could get UGLY.  
Good call, Nostradamus :hot:

Looks like same guy owes me in the 50c pool. Let me know if you get in touch with him.
None of the names in our pool match the 50cent pool. 

I didn't want to see that Detroit fan owed a good amount in the dollar pool, but unfortunately he does. 

Did he pay out last year?  If so, that's probably a decent indication that the current absence could be an aberration. 

Sup dudes?  I'm the author of this thread but due to unforeseen drunken posting about 6 months ago I no longer have the ability to login under that handle. I'll start a new thread so we can set up a draft next Sunday 

I can't remember, how long does the draft take?  If we anticipate it going past that Monday I might have to bow out.

Would love to be in again. Not against Capella's plan of every one throwing in 50 ahead of time if we can figure out where to send it.


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