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[FILLED]1 ORPHAN in 12-team dynasty – 100% pay out - MFL (1 Viewer)


Going into our 18th season, AFDL (Another F´ing Dynasty League) has 1 remaining available team for a 3 team dispersal draft. The replacement owners draft is packed with studs and rookie draft picks – no less than 5(!!!) 1st-rounders alone.

The buy-in is $165 ($125 annual fee + $40 deposit for future picks trading).

You can see the available players for the ROD here.

The site design and team logos have been revamped before our ’18 season. You can either decide to take over one of the orphaned teams (Humble Beast) or have your own team banner custom-made from our graphics guy ($5).

The ROD will be 30 rounds long and includes all the players from the abandoned teams, all FA´s and all the draft picks that were held by the abandoned teams.

Short league description:

AFDL, also known as "Another F'ing Dynasty League" was established in 2005. Effective May 2015, AFDL was reduced from a 14-team league to a 12-team league.

Hosted on MyFantasyLeague.com, AFDL has no divisions but orders its standings via victory points. The regular season consists of 14 weeks where each team plays 8 teams once and 3 teams twice. The top 6 teams from weeks 1-14 will advance to the playoffs. Weeks 15–17 will be played as a tournament with the week 17 winner clinching the AFDL championship.

Roster size will be 24 players. There will be an IR list, but AFDL operates without a DTS. Rosters must be cut down to 18 players by the end of the real NFL rookie draft.

The following positions are included in our weekly lineups: QB – RB – WR – TE – K – Team Defense.

If you´re interested, have a look at our league site here and please don´t hesitate to contact me either via private message here in the forum or via mail to eric.jungbluth@yahoo.com

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