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Heroes Never Die NFL Dynasty Startup- (14T, SF, IDP, TEP) $100 (1 Viewer)


Heroes Never Die NFL Dynasty Startup- (14T, SF, IDP, TEP) $100 LINK

Initial Draft: The plan is to start May 1st...possibly earlier if everyone is paid and agrees.
Phase 1- 10 Round Auction with $200 to spend on vets and rookie draft slots (24-hour new bid timer)
Phase 2- 30 Round Snake Draft with remaining vets and rookie draft picks slots available to draft (order determined by money left from phase 1, with earliest completed phase 1 as tie-breaker.
Phase 3- 4 Round Rookie Draft (4-hour timer for phases 2 & 3 with timer off overnight)

Cost: $100 per year (Initial buy-in is $115. That covers your first year and $15 for graphics for the MFL site. All funds are held with LeagueSafe.

Traded Picks: Teams will have access to three years of picks. If you trade a future 1st round pick or any 2 picks from a future year....you will be required to pay for that year's league fee within 72 hours of the trade being accepted.

2nd- $300
3rd- $200
4th- $100
Points- $100
Site- $80

Lineup Breakdown:
Total Active Roster: 40
Total Starters: 20 (10 off/10 def)
QBs: 1-2
RBs: 2-6
WRs: 2-6
TEs: 1-5
DTs: 1-2
DEs: 1-2
LBs: 2-4
CBs: 1-3
Ss: 1-3
IR (have to be listed as IR):8
Taxi: 4

IR and Taxi
-IR is limited to players listed by MFL as "IR" with a max of 8
-Taxi is limited to any first or second-year player. A player can only be demoted once. Each team will have four taxi spots. Players can be promoted and demoted at any point in the season but once promoted, the system will not allow for them to be demoted again.

Schedule and Playoff Format:
-14 teams with no divisions
-13 Week regular season where you play each team 1 time
-A second game against the league average every week for every team
-Week 14 starts the playoffs 6,7,8,9 play with the top score moving on
-Week 15- 3, 4, 5, and the winner of Week 14 plays...top 2 scores move on
-Week 16 #1 Seed picks the opponent....the other 2 teams play each other. Winners of both move on to the finals
-Week 17- Championship Game and Third Place Game
Week 14-17- Toilet Bowl for 5 teams that don't qualify for Championship playoffs. Ladder format that determines the draft order for those 5 teams.

Offseason Format:
-Trading is closed from the start of Week 14-17.
-Trading will re-open for any teams paid for the following year after the Fantasy Championship
-All teams need to be paid for the following season by the NFL Super Bowl
-At league roll-over, all IR and Taxi spots will be cleared and those players placed on the main roster.
-Before the annual rookie draft, all teams will need to have their main roster down to 34 players.
-6 Round Rookie draft will occur shortly after the NFL Rookie Draft
-Soft limit on roster size the rest of the off-season with rosters needing to be league-compliant before the Week 1 Kickoff

How it looks using last year's stats

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