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(FILLED) *STARTUP* 12 Team, TEP, SF, $100 Entry, Salary Cap (1 Viewer)


Basics on format below:
12 teams
Salary cap/contract
No IDP, no kickers, no DST
Tiered PPR (.5/1/1.5)
6pt passing TDs
Franchise tags

Roster exemptions (1 per team, per year) eliminate the cap hit when the player is dropped

$100 entry handled through Leageusafe, $50 deposit to be held for future seasons to cover trading of draft picks ($150 total up front). Deposit refundable if franchise is left in conditional suitable to bringing in new owner at full cost.

League Tycoon platform. LT is built specifically for cap/contract leagues and takes most of the work off of the commissioner while empowering team owners to execute their tags, extensions, contract lengths, etc. The app (or site) allows you to play around with contract lengths and even shows you a bar graph of how the contract will inflate year over year, with a snapshot of how it impacts your total cap outlook years in advance. This allows you real time feedback on your decisions without waiting for commish to perform data entry. Tag and extension values are auto-calculated by the app, so you can take those spreadsheets you've been building for your MFL leagues and throw them out the window--you won't need them with LT. The platform is intuitive (appearance and layout is similar to Sleeper) and the developers are always adding new updates and improvements based on user feedback in Discord. If you're still apprehensive about trying a new app or want more information on LT, there is an article on DLF (can't recall the author) that goes into quite a bit of detail.

We're excited to kick this off and I have five owners ready to go....Just need seven more with a target date of 5/10 to begin the startup auction. I'd love to kick off ASAP but rookies need to be built into the startup.

Please reply below and/or DM me if you're interested in a challenge and real GM experience.

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