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first time drafting in an IDP League (1 Viewer)


Being the first time I am doing this I was curious if it normal practice to use up some bench spots for IDP's. We start 2 D, 2 DB, and 2 DL. 3pt for sacks, 1pt/tackle(solo), .5 pt/### tackle, 2pt/int, 2pt/forced fum, 2pt/fum recov, 6pt/TD. thanks in advance for any advice.

It depends on the bench spots available. If a deep league obviously yes, but if you are in a league with a shallow bench like 6 players a general rule is to not carry any IDP on the bench and once the season starts manipulate the bench spots. If you have real high end IDPs, then keep them, but if you have just an average guy then drop and pick up someone when byes become an issue. JMO.

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I'd never waste a bench spot on an IDP unless we're talking a Ray Lewis/Rodney Harrison type, or if you are in an incredibly deep league where 90% of the league's LBs and safeties are on someone's roster.Hell, I've been in leagues where I didn't even bother to draft any IDPs at all, and just worked the waiver wire all season long. And it's worked for me every time.

alright the draft just ended how did I do with my IDP's?D:M. Williams CIND:Ch. Grant NODB:A. Wilson ARIDB: M. Boulware SEADL: K. Williams MINDL:L. Briggs CHI


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