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Draft Dominator IDP settings? (1 Viewer)


This is my first year trying Draft Dominator and I just did a mock for my IDP league that is drafting tonight. In my mock I pretty much stuck to the top recommended player each turn, but at the end I noticed that I only had 1 DL/LB/DB, instead of the 2 that I need to start in each position. I also had several QB and TE backups I didn't necessarily want lmao

Is this something I can adjust in the DD settings, or do I just need to be mindful of my open roster spots and treat DD more as a cheat sheet where I still need to form my own draft strategy?

Very disappointed with the lack of IDP cheat-sheets this year. I come here because of comprehensive FF coverage and now it just isn't there. Or if it is here somewhere, it's much harder to get at.

@Sigmund Bloom Frustrated with the Lineup Dominator regarding IDP positions.

On Sleeper, Greenard is a dual DL/LB and Quincy Williams is a dual DB/LB.

Lineup Dominator thinks they’re both LBs, and presents their scoring at LB scoring rules, which vary by position in this league.

Some of the issues that flow from this:

- Lineup recommendations on Primer and Matchup tabs are confused - telling me to start Quincy at LB and Adrian Amos (bye) at DB… and telling me to bench Greenard and start Chase Young (IR) at DL.

- Translating scoring from LB to the correct position can be done as I look through, but since we have positional scoring, it doesn’t map over easily.

- If I turn on FAs, it’s always telling me to pick up players at DL and DB.

It would be awesome if the position were read from the league site. If not, it would be great to be able to customize player positions in Lineup Dominator.

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