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Flex help tonight (1 Viewer)

Ray Barboni

Hey bros,

this is pretty TD dependent league, non PPR.

I currently have Jordan Howard v the Lions and Ty Hill in v the Cardinals.

Im considering JuJu over one of them ... 

My reasoning is, that KC may not need Hill very often against AZ, and Juju should get plenty of ops against the Panthers tonight.

Howard I like more than both against the lions ... I just think game script and TD potential is higher with him.


leave a link, WHIR

I don't really see your logic on Hill. He's capable of having a 20+ point week on 3-4 catches. Starting JuJu was the right call, but I think I'd go Hill over Howard. Howard is basically TD or bust at this point, and the Lions aren't the Bills, they won't get blown out.


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