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Flex RB help - Howard/Clement/Ito Smith (1 Viewer)

Ray Barboni

Non PPR more of a TD depenant league. (1pt per 15yds rushing)

Currently have Howard and Clement in the lineup, but I’m considering Ito Smith over Howard.

Howard has been unproductive, and game script against the Pats could lean towards more Cohen.

Who ya got? 


I own Melvin Gordon, I traded John Brown and Jordan Howard for Austen Ekeler. That should show you how highly I think of Howard. I would play Clement.

Clement receives and runs and plays for the best offense of the 3 and CAR defense is nothing special, I know it is standard, but that is two ways to accumulate yards and get TDs.

Chicago will be getting there asses kicked, it should be all Cohen.

NYG have a decent defense, and I think Coleman will be the primary back.


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