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FootballGuys Post Combine Mock Draft (1 Viewer)


The first post combine FBG mock draft with trades is [finally] completed! :excited:

Now all we need is some Mel Kiper-type post-draft grades and commentary.

I'll pick the best commentary for each team and post it on the front page next to the team. Please provide a letter grade (A-F) and a 1-2 line commentary.


Team (GM) - Draft - Grade - Commentarry:

Miami (Dolfan) - 1.2 D Johnson, OLB, Texas; 3.6 V Morency, RB, Oklahoma St; 4.3 J Butler, FS, Georgia Tech

NY Jets (Chase Stuart) - 1.26 F Washington, CB, Nebraska; 2.07 D Ware, LB, Troy State; 4.26 R Fields, DT, Miss St

New England (jgb95) - 1.32 C Crowder, MLB, Florida; 2.32 R McCune, ILB, Louisville; 4.32 J Brimmer, S, UNVL

Buffalo (Aaron Rudnicki) - 2.23 A Terry, OT, Syracuse; 3.22 J Dreesen, TE, Colorado St; 4.21 G Sensabaugh, S, North Carolina

Cleveland (Chaos) - 1.07 A Barron, OT, FSU; 2.02 B Rudd, ILB, Nebraska; 3.3 R Bartell, CB, Howard; 3.14 C Colmer, OT, NC St; 4.2 M Boley, OLB, Southern Miss; 4.19 D Fox, FS, OSU

Cincinnati (Kirby) - 1.20 E James, DE, Wisconsin; 2.06 E Shazor, SS, Michigan; 3.19 CJ Mosley, DT, Missouri; 4.18 R Ingonito, C, Nobody

Pittsburgh (Drunken Cowboy)- 1.30 E Brown, OG, Virginia; 2.30 C Henry, WR, WVU; 3.29 M Munoz, OT, Tennessee; 4.30 T.A. McLendon, RB, NC St

Baltimore (ravnzfan) - 1.25 K Barnes, OT, Washington; 2.21 C Thorpe, WR, FSU; 3.20 D Nicholson, SS, Oklahoma; 4.23 A Perkins, CB, Oaklahoma

Tennessee (Colin) - 1.06 C Williams, RB, Auburn; 1.28 J Miller, CB, Clemson; 3.4 J Campbell, QB, Auburn

Houston (pgreenfan) - 1.11 C Benson, RB, Texas; 2.15 O Thurman, ILB, Georgia; 3.9 A Ellison, DT, Missouri; 3.16 M Jones, TE, Arkansas

Jacksonville (JaxBill) - 1.21 H Miller, TE, Virginia; 2.20 S Wilson, CB, Stanford; 3.23 J Haye, DE, Vanderbilt; 4.22 A Snyder OT Oregon

Indianapolis (ColtsFreak) - 1.29 M Jackson, CB, Michigan; 2.28 J.J. Arrington, RB, Cal; 3.28 J Welsh, LB, Wisconsin

San Diego (bicycle_seat_sniffer) - 1.01 M Williams, WR, USC; 2.05 B Browner, CB, Oregon State; 4.7 R Petitti, OT, Pitt; 4.29 J Jefferson, DT, Wisconsin

Kansas City (Arrowhead Nation) - 1.16 D Pollack, DE, Georgia; 2.08 D Blackstock, OLB, Virginia; 4.15 D Orlovsky, QB, UCONN

Denver (pinda) - 1.22 M Clayton, WR, Oklahoma; 2.24; J Davis, DE, Virginia Tech

Oakland (radballs) - 2.16 C Webster, CB, LSU; 3.5 J Babineaux, DT, Iowa; 4.4 A Seward, ILB, UNLV; 4.13 K Everett, TE, Miami

San Francisco (Football Jones) - 1.12 M Spears, DT, LSU; 2.19 J Mathis, WR, Hampton; 2.29 C Canty, DE, Virginia; 3.1 A McPherson, QB, FSU; 3.25 D Williams, CB, Oklahoma St; 4.1 S Young, OG, BYU

Arizona (beef) - 1.08 A Rodgers, QB, Cal; 2.12 E Green, CB, Virginia Tech; 3.8 C Spencer, OL, Mississippi; 3.11 B McFadden, CB, FSU

St. Louis (Rayderr) - 1.19 C Rogers, CB, Auburn; 2.04 M Roth, DE, Iowa; 3.2 W Britt, OT, Alabama; 4.16 R Parrish, WR, Miami

Seattle (fridayfrenzy) - 1.23 T Johnson, DT, FSU; 2.22 R Wallace, OLB, Temple; 3.21 B Swancutt, DE, Oregon St; 4.20 R Moats, RB, Louisianna Tech; 4.25 T Murphy; WR Texas A&M

Chicago (RBM) - 1.04 R Brown, RB, Auburn; 2.25 M Bradley, WR, Oklahoma; 3.24 C Kemoeatu, OG, Utah; 4.5 A Walter, QB, Arizona St

Minnesota (Atomic Punk) - 1.03 B Edwards, WR, Michigan; 1.18 D Cody, DE, Oklahoma; 2.17 C Fason, RB, Florida

Green Bay (UFFL Commish) - 1.24 S Cody, DE, USC; 2.01 D Baas, OG, Michigan; 2.26 J Bullocks, S, Nebraska; 4.24 K Morrison, ILB, San Diego St

Detroit (loser) - 1.10 A Jones, CB, WVU; 2.09 J Tuck, DE, Notre Dame; 3.10 L Mankins, OT, Fresno St; 4.12 F Gibson, WR, Georgia

Tampa Bay (Punchie) - 1.05 A Smith, QB, Utah; 2.18 M Barber III, RB, Minnesota; 3.7 A Smith, TE, Stanford; 3.17 L Tatupu, ILB, USC; 3.27 D Buenning, OG, Wisconsin; 4.6 C Roby, WR, Indianna

Carolina (crazygutgut) - 1.14 T Williamson, WR, South Carolina; 2.13 A Hawthorne, DT, Wisconsin; 3.15 E Shelton, RB, Louisville; 4.14 K Orton, QB, Purdue

New Orleans (valhallan) - 1.15 T Davis, S, Georgia; 2.14 C Frye, QB, Akron; 3.18 S Routt, CB, Houston; 4.17 J Goddard, OLB, Marshall

Atlanta (The Dirty Word) - 2.03 B Pool, FS, Oklahoma; 2.27 M Patterson, DT, USC; 3.26 M Nugent, K, Ohio St; 3.30 E Mathis, OG, Alabama; 4.27 G Gause, DE, South Carolina

Washington (ATW22) - 1.09 A Rolle, CB, Miami; 3.12 L Mitchell, ILB, Oklahoma; 4.11 V Jackson, WR, Northern Colorado

Dallas (Joe Kidd) - 1.13 S Merriman, DE, Maryland; 1.17 J Brown, OT, Oklahoma; 2.10 R White, WR, UAB; 4.8 O Atogwe, FS, Stanford

Philadelphia (Jason Wood) - 1.27 M Johnson, OL, Mississippi; 1.31 K Burnett, OLB, Tennessee; 2.31 L Castillo, DT, Northwestern; 3.13 K.J. Harris, RB, WVU; 4.31 A Bryant, DT, Alabama

NY Giants (Kleck) - 2.11 R Brown, WR, Georgia; 3.31 B Wilkerson, C, LSU; 4.9 A Alabi, OT, TCU; 4.10 CJ Brooks, OG, Maryland


The 2005 NFL Draft pick-by-pick commentary...

Round 3:

3.1 San Francisco - Adrian McPherson, QB, FSU

I think everybody knows his story by now. You can't dismiss his character concerns, but he was really young when he got into trouble. He's since kept his nose clean & has matured a great deal.

McPherson dominated the AFL despite being the youngest player in the league. He also had what was generally regarded as the best workout among the QBs at the combine. Outstanding athlete with all the tools. Unlimited potential.

I considered taking him as early as 51, but chose to wait it out until this pick. If he was gone, I likely would've tried to trade down again. Hopefully, McPherson will develop quickly & be a productive starter in '06 . The sooner Rattay is the backup, the better off we'll be. That said, Rattay will make a fine #2.

3.2 St. Louis - Wesley Britt, OT, Alabama

I had hoped to grab Adam Terry here, but no such luck. Tackle is the last big need for the Rams. Pace is locked in at LT, but the Turley experiment at RT has gone awry and will most likely be cut before the season begins. Hopefully, he can learn from Pace and develop into an excellent RT.

3.3 Cleveland - Ronald Bartell, CB, Howard

so many directions could be taken here. I was very unhappy to see many of my targets taken so close in front of me.

I am however very glad to have to the opportunity to shore up a big glaring Defensive weakness, namely Conerback.

So without further ado, Bartell has great speed (4.37), great height (6' 1 3/8), brains (wonderlic of 35), and outstanding strength (21 reps of 225). We can put him on an island and move the safety elsewhere. He has the size and strength to dominate in the red zone. This will also allow us to move McCutcheon to slot corner where he is better suited.

3.4 Tennessee - Jason Campbell, QB, Auburn

Campbell matured a ton in the last year. WHile we are usually weary of players who made huge strides in one season, but Campbell seems to have made progress for a while now. 2 steps forward, 1 step back kind of progress. However, he has GREAT size, good arm strenght, good speed, and he can make big throws (See: 2nd Half of 2004 SEC Champ Game). A year or two studying film with Chow and McNair should help with his decision making troubles (which, in spite of, he was a career 63% passer at AU). We are excited to add him to our team, particularly this late in the draft.

I saw a comparison to Aaron Brooks, and I think its a good comparison.

3.5 Oakland - Jonathan Babineaux, DT, Iowa

A bit undersized at slightly shorter than 6'2" and 280 lbs. But, he's very quick for a DT (sub 4.75 40) and has a great first step. If he can put on a little weight without sacrificing too much speed, Babineaux could be a good player for a D line that needs an injection of youth.

3.6 Miami – Vernand Morency, RB, Oklahoma State

Love this kid's size and explosiveness! Most Oklahoma State fans believe he is a better back than Tatum Bell. Would have gone at least a round earlier in any other draft not so chalk full of good RB prospects. Morency is the 4th RB on my board and I don't see a lot of drop off between Cadillac (who I would have selected #2 if I went RB) and Morency => great value for a 3rd round pick! Morency sitting here at this pick is the exact reason if the Dolphins do go offense in the 1st round, I'd rather see them grab one of the QBs or Braylon Edwards than a RB.

3.7 Tampa Bay – Alex Smith, TE, Stanford

Strange that we draft two guys with the same name, but I suppose weirder things have happened.

Gruden's offense relies heavily on the tight End position, which has been a very poor position historically for Tampa. We recently signed Anthony Becht, but he is more of a blocking TE. Gruden would love to groom a tight end that can spread the field for his running backs and Michael Clayton. After I drafted Marion Barber in the 2nd round I figured that Smith would be gone by my next pick, with him sitting here, it was just too much value to pass up.

** Detroit trades pick #72 to Arizona for pick #74 **

3.8 Arizona (From Detroit) - Chris Spencer C/G, Ole Miss

I consider Spencer an early second round talent and am amazed he dropped this far. He brings tremendous strength and excellent athletic ability to the table. He played Center his senior year, but has experience at both guard spots, and should fit in at LG right away, thus bringing the Dave Loverne era to an end.

The upside is tremendous, and with a little bit of polishing, Spencer should be the best interior lineman to come out of this draft.

3.9 Houston - Attiyah Ellison, DT, Missouri

I had really hoped that Chris Canty would be available at this pick however with him gone, I see no value at the DE position and a tremendous value pick remaining at DT. Attiyah should be able to provide a pass rush from the NT position and joined with the addition of Odell Thurman in the middle could vastly improve the Texans run defense. edit to add not that the Texans rush defense was terrible last year, but the middle is going to be missing most likely both starting inside linebackers from last year so this area really needed to be addressed I feel.

3.10 Detroit (From Arizona) - Logan Mankins OT Fresno State

The hole in the interior was filled with Demulling. Now we turn our attention to the tackle spot. Mankins may not have the upside of Spencer, but you know you're gonna get effort every down with good intangibles, and a mean streak to boot.

The talent may not be top of the line, but he demonstrates good footwork, and is strong as a bull. Mankins is an anachronism, the classic overachiever, and should fit into the Lions plans right away.

3.11 Arizona - Bryant McFadden, CB, Florida State

McFadden has dropped a bit in this draft. Most mocks that I haved viewed have him going in the 2nd round and a couple as high as a top 40 pick. Arizona had taken a CB in the early 2nd (Eric Green) so this wasn't really a need, but since McFadden was on my short list then and he happened to fall, the value was too good to pass up. And it's never a bad idea to have plenty of CB's on a team, for depth or trading perposes.

I actually like McFadden talents a lot more than some of the CB's already taken, including Green who I took at #44. He has good size (6' 185), is plenty tough, and can bring down the ball carrier in the open field. Technique, athleticism, and tackling are probably his greatest strengths. He has the talent and skill to be a late 1st round pick, but his speed (4.51) and consistent play will knock him down a few spots. There have been times when it looked like McFadden hadn't played to his potential. Whoever does draft McFadden will need to keep a fire under his ####. And if McFadden does apply himself and workout and show what he can do and keep it at a high level, he could easily be a starting CB in the NFL for quite a few years.

3.12 Washington - Lance Mitchell, ILB, Oklahoma

The skins look to Lance Mitchell to replace the departig Atonio Pirece at MLB. A strong smart player with great skills and a nose for the ball. Will fot well into Greg Williams attacking defensive scheme.

3.13 Philadelphia - Kay-Jay Harris, RB, West Virginia

The Eagles benefit from a deep RB draft by grabbing Harris in the middle of the 3rd round. Harris is the potential perfect complement to Brian Westbrook in that he's a bruising inside runner with great size (6'0", 243 pounds). Despite his size, Harris has above average speed (4.5 40 at his Pro Day), exceptional burst, and welcomes contact inside. To quote NFL Draft Scout, "Kay-Jay shows very good tilt and pad level working in-line, keeping his feet while generating more than enough lateral agility and awareness to pick and slide. He runs with good body lean and knows how to distribute weight attacking the holes."

Harris showed surprising ability catching the ball at the Senior Bowl (he was rarely asked to be a receiver at WVU); and is an adequate blocker. Clearly he'll need to continue to improve both of those facets if he's to some day play a major role in the Eagles offense.


The Houston Texans trade pick #78 to the Cleveland Browns for pick #80 and the Browns 5th round pick.

3.14 Cleveland - Chris Colmer, OT, NC State

Colmer will provide awsome depth all along the line but primarily at ROT behind Tucker.

HE battled some nerve damage which has hindered his position. Before this he would have been considered a top 5 OT prospect last year. He has a mean streak and plays "nasty". This will be a usefull infusion to Cleveland's O-line.

With Carolina's troubles at O-line and that fact that Colmer played his ball in NC I was a bit afraid they might look in this direction.

3.15 Carolina - Eric Shelton, RB, Louisville

2004 stats are 146 attempts 954 yards 6.5 avg 20 Tds

With Shelton, we are adding more depth at RB just in case. Some mocks have him going in the 2nd so we are happy to have him in the 3rd.

3.16 Houston - Matt Jones, TE, Arkansas

Although I feel that the Texans have greater needs at other positions and there are a couple of players that I rate well above Jones , I am going with him because of his potential. At this time I am unsure of where he will play I feel that his upside is to great to pass up. 6'5" 239 lbs 4.39 40, close to a 40" vertical leap and almost 11' broad jump. Quite possibley the best athlete in the draft who will create matchup nightmares for linebackers and safeties if he plays tight end because of his speed while he will be so much larger than corners if he plays WR.

By trading down and picking up another 5th round pick I feel that this allows me to gamble a bit with this pick and try for the home run. Matt's success in the NFL will be in a large part dependent on his desire to be great. Good reports from the Senior Bowl and combine should have his draft stock rising more than he has so far.

I really have a hard time making this pick because of some of the other players left on the board but just don't see this amount of upside with anyone left in the draft.

3.17 Tampa Bay - Lofa Tatupu, ILB, USC

Monte Kiffen knows the USC defense better than anyone else considering his son coaches there, and USC happens to run the exact same scheme as Tampa. With Shelton Quarles nearing the end of his career we have a big hole in the Middle of our linebacker corp.

3.18 New Orleans - Stanford Routt, CB, Houston

CB is not as pressing a need for the Saints as some might think, so I believe we can take a chance on this guy. He has good size, 6-1 193, and runs a blazing 4.3 40. If we can keep Stanford away from the fire and let him take notes from vets like Joe Horn and Mike McKenzie, he could develop nicely and become a premier corner in this league.

3.19 Cincinnati - C.J. Mosley, DT, Missouri

Major steal here... They are saying late first or second... can't pass him up here. Would have been All-American/Outland Trophy canidate if he would have returned to school. Regarded by most as the top player on Mizzou's defense last year. 314lbs on a 6'2" frame and quick. Gets in the backfield to blow up plays. Definitely helps shore up the D. I think James, Shazor, and now Mosley would make the new D-Coord quite happy.

3.20 Baltimore - Dante Nicholson, SS, Oklahoma

Big tough SS (6'1'-216), rated in the second tier after Davis-Georgia, on our board---same class as Shazor-Michigan (#38)

JuCo transfer in '03, Nicholson stepped in and was named All Big-12 Defensive Newcommer of the Yr

Loves action at the line of scrimage, logged 90 tackles, 10 for a loss in '03...recorded 6 sacks, 4 passes defended and grabbed 2 pickles

Quick enough(4.5-ish 40) to cover RB's and TE's in coverage

We feel strongly about Nicholson, as the Raven "plan-A" had them signing Gary Baxter to a long term deal with the hopes of moving him over to SS in time...by paying Samari Rolle the same as Baxter to actually play corner, Dante Nicholson could step right in and complete what many say is the best secondary in the NFL

3.21 Seattle – Bill Swancutt, DE, Oregon State

3.22 Buffalo - Joel Dreesen, TE, Colorado State

He's a blue collar guy who showed great hands during senior week and at the combine. He's got good size and is a willing blocker. I think he'll fit in perfectly in Buffalo and compete for a starting spot right away. Season-ending knee injuries to Mark Campbell and Tim Euhus last year have created a big need at the position, and having a reliable receiver at TE should help JP Losman's progress as he takes over the reigns of the Bills offense.

Would have seriously considered Matt Jones here, as I think Mularkey would drool to have a player like that at his disposal.

Other big need here was DT, but I think similar talent can be had in the next round or two.

3.23 Jacksonville – Jovan Haye, DE, Vanderbilt

He's 6-2 284 and he turned pro after a disappointing junior season where he attracted double-teams and only registered one sack. He has only played a total of five seasons of organized football (including HS) and is considered very raw. He had a great sophomore year where he registered 8.5 sacks. He had an outstanding combine where he ran a 4.74 40 and did 33 reps at 225 on the bench-press.

Although the Jags have signed Hayward, there's still a need at the position. Paul Spicer and Rob Meier are coming back from injury. Last year converted LBs Akin Ayodele and Greg Favors had to play significant down there.

3.24 Chicago - Chris Kemoeatu, G, Utah

Bears need to improve, and get younger on the inside of the line. Reuben Brown is old and couldnt stay healthy last year, Rex Tucker is a mess who should be cut, then you have some guys that really dont get anyone too excited like Qasim Mitchell, Steve Edwards, Terrence Metcalf.

3.25 San Francisco - Darrent Williams, CB, Oklahoma State

The 9ers are planning on moving Mike Rumph to FS. In doing so, the CB position needs to be re-stocked. It could stand to be upgraded, as well.

Williams is a tremendous athlete. Cat-quick/super-fast (4.31 at the combine) with great instincts & good ball skills. Outstanding cover man. Fantastic combine performance has him shooting up draft boards. Also a quality punt returner. Only real negative is lack of size (5'8-5/8" 176).

I considered another player of need here, but decided to go with the all-important CB position. I'm hoping the other guy is there at the top of the 4th.

3.26 Atlanta - Mike Nugent, K, Ohio State

The Falcons have replaced Jay Feely with Todd Peterson. While an OK stop gap measure, he was signed on the cheap and does not kick off. For that, the Falcons waived Chris Mohr and signed Toby Gowin who can kick-off (punt isn't a great punter).

So the Falcons have gon on the cheap to address their kicking situation for the 2005 season but in Nugent, the Falcons secure a K who in his last 3 years at Ohio State had an 88% conversion rate including 8/9 from beyond 50 yards.

Rich McKay is not afraid to grab kickers early as he did so years ago with Martin Gramatica. Nugent has the leg and the accuacy to make the Falcons dangerous from anywhere inside the 40, especially inside the Georgia Dome, a place Feely had inexplicable trouble with.

3.27 Tampa Bay - Dan Buenning, OG, Wisconsin

Dan is Bill Muir's type of lineman, smart and an overachiever.

Strengths: Very smart player...Displays excellent technique on a consistent basis...Has loads of experience...Overachiever who always gives 100%...Has led the way for a very successful Badger run game.

Weaknesses: Not a great athlete...Mobility is lacking...Needs to get stronger, especially in the lower half...Will get pushed around by massive defensive tackles at times...Limited upside and what you see if what you get.

Notes: Typcial Wisconsin lineman in that he doesn't have all the physical tools you look for but he gets the job done...May never be a star but should develop into a solid pro.

3.28 Indianapolis - Jonathan Welsh, LB Wisconsin

3.29 Pittsburgh - Michael Munoz, OT, Tennessee

Was looking at 3 players here, but just had to go with Munoz. He has just unreal upside. Has had problems staying healthy, but was healthy last year and showed some of his potential. Has the talent and athletic ability to be a pro bowl left tackle. That is hard to find at the end of the 3rd round.

3.30 Atlanta - Evan Mathis, OG, Alabama

Mathis has become one of my favorite players in this draft. The nephew of former Dolphin great Bob Baumhower, Mathis has a desire to suceed in the NFL like very few. So much so that he played through the pain of two different stress fractures in his legs to amass 47 straight starts on Alabama's O-Line (one which included Wesley Britt and Justin Smiley). He seems to drive alot of motivation from pundits saying he 'can't do'.

He absolutely blew the doors off at the combine earlier this month from a speed, quickness and strength standpoint (his 20-yard shuttle time was 4.16...Brandon Browner's was 4.24). He has played pretty much every position on the line so while he's projected at OG, he could be moved outside to OT and maybe spot at C. His versatiliy is a plus. All in all, I think this is one of the better "under the radar" players in the whole draft and quite frankly, I'd be surprised if he made it this far. But today he does...

3.31 NY Giants - Ben Wilkerson, C, LSU

Injury concerns because of his knee may cause Ben to slide a bit, but he's arguable the best center in the draft. Doesn't quite have the strength teams might like but shows great technique and leverage. Very athletic and smart and is fundamentally sound. Should make a great center for many years if the knee checks good and is great value and a steal at the end of the 3rd.

4.1 San Francisco - Scott Young, OG, Brigham Young

The 9ers could use a G & this 6'4" 312-pounder will be a good one in time. Might have the best speed/strength ratio of anybody in this class. Ran a 4.93 with 43 reps at the combine. The 43 reps broke the combine record.

4.2 Cleveland - Michael Boley, OLB, Southern Mississippi

Boley is 6' 3", 236 lbs, runs a 4.59, 4.12 shuttle and a wonderlick score of a 30!

This is the kind of athlete that Cleveland can use and mold to fit wherever they need him most. You can never have too many good LB/DE in the 3-4.

4.3 Miami - James Butler, FS, Georgia Tech

The Dolphins lost both starting safeties in free agency. Tebucky Jones was brought in to play SS and former LB Tony Bua was moved to safety as well and could pick up the slack if Tebucky fails to meet expectations. Miami needs a starting-caliber FS, and who would have thought one would be there waiting for them in the FOURTH ROUND!

Butler is the 2nd best FS in the draft according to most scouts and gets a high 3rd round grade. Butler is a playmaker who has the intelligence to be a team leader, the range that you look for in a FS and is the ideal size for the position.

If he has a weakness, it would be his inexperience or less than ideal strength. Nevertheless, Miami is thrilled to have Butler at this point in the draft.

4.4 Oakland - Adam Seward, ILB, UNLV

This guy is a true linebacker and football player. He will not get any accolades for his speed, athleticism, or coverage skills. But, he's tough and agressive, has a nose for the ball, and flat out knows how to play.

4.5 Chicago - Andrew Walter, QB, Arizona State

Who knows what we have in Grossman. He showed mere glimpses in a few of his 6 starts I believe, but hasnt been able to stay healthy. I do think if the o-line stays healty, combined with a strong, dependable running game and go-to-guy in Muhammed, Grossman can be a good qb in this league, but he has to be able to stay on the field for a longer stretch than 3 games. So with the fact that there are still questions, and Chad Hutchinson being basically the only other qb on roster (forget Krenzel and Kittner), we will take Walter and his very nice potential here.

4.6 Tampa Bay - Courtney Roby, WR, Indiana

We really need a speed guy to stretch the defense a bit and make room in the middle for Clayton. Roby is a very fast player (4.33 40) who is a college track star with great intangibles (work ethic character etc.) Gruden loves speed and will jump all over this guy in the 4th.

4.7 San Diego (From Tennessee) - Rob Petitti, OT, Pittsburgh

I really just wanted to add some depth for a unit that needs improvement. Last year the starting line was: Oben,Goff,Harwick,Fonuti,Olivea. 2 rookies, 1 FA, a training camp trade and a 2002 rookie. Its a wonder that Brees & LT aren't dead at this point. Courtney van Buren returns from IR this year to add a little more depth.

4.8 Dallas - Oshiomogho Atogwe, FS, Stanford

4.9 NY Giants - Anthony Alabi, OT, Texas Christian

4.10 NY Giants (From Arizona) - C.J. Brooks, OG, Maryland

4.11 Washington - Vincent Jackson, WR, Northern Colorado

He doesn't have the experience to be a 1st or 2nd rounder but he definately has the size 6'5 235 and speed 4.53 to go in the first couple of rounds. He will immediately add size to the smurf like WR corps of the skins and also provide a great red zone target for ramsey. He had a great Senoir Bowl showing where he took advantage of his size, speed and hands to move up the draft board.

The skins also considered aonther big WR from a big school that was a great athlete, but a questionable work ethic. A TE with 2nd round talent and a Guard/Tackle from the Pac 10 that would provide depth along the OL for the skins.

It came dopwn to depth vs playmaking ability. and thw WR won out.

4.12 Detroit - Fred Gibson, WR, Georgia

4.13 Oakland (From Cincinnati) - Kevin Everett, TE, Miami

4.14 Carolina - Kyle Orton, QB Purdue

With this pick, again its BPA and gaining depth. Heaven forbid anything happens to Delhomme. We have Peete and Weinke (who the staff doesn't seem to like anyway).

Orton's totals for 2004 were 3090 yards 31tds 5 ints. With those stats and Orton being 6-4 230 pounds, I think he is a good value pick. He would not have to rush to play at Carolina and could learn for a year or two.

4.15 Kansas City - Dan Orlovsky, QB, Connecticut

Carolina made this pick much easier for KC. We were debating between Orlovsky and Orton and once Orton was off the board, the QB from UCONN was the obvious choice.

Trent Green will be 35 when Training camp starts, and the CHiefs are in dire need of a young QB to groom for a year or two to replace him. Orlovsky grabbed a 30 on the Wonderlic, and ran consistently good times in nearly every facet of the combine.

With his smarts, and his 6'5 225 lb frame, KC sees him as a nice young QB that will fit well in Al Saunders' system and having Green as a mentor will only help.

4.16 St. Louis - Roscoe Parrish, WR, Miami

4.17 New Orleans - Jonathan Goddard, OLB, Marshall

I looked for BPA but couldn't find much. With Colby Bockwoldt and James Allen being shaky starters at best, Goddard fills a need at OLB. He's a little undersized at 6'0" but makes up for it with 4.75 speed. Should be able to compete for a starting job.

4.18 Cincinnati - Richie Ingonito, C, Nobody

He has NFL strength and speed, and the mean streak you look for in a lineman. He also has that mean streak off the field, which could be a problem. He was kicked off two teams and decided to enter the draft early. He is one of the better run blockers in this draft, needs to work on pass blocking though. He had one of the best combine performances of the linemen this year. His 4.91 - 40 and 1.70 - 10 were the best. He also did 27 reps. He hurt his knee at the end of the combine but it doesn't look too serious. First day talent, but off the field problems and the injury at the combine have made him slip to day two. Marvin can turn this kid around.

4.19 Cleveland (From Minnesota via Oakland) - Dustin Fox, FS, Ohio State

Fox has adequate size, great speed and coverage skills. He played both Corner and Free Safety at a major program (The Ohio State University). He is also tough against the run.

Grabing Fox will allow Sean Jones to move to Strong Safety where he has the requisite toughness to excel.

The defensive backfield should be more fearsome than those past and might be reminicent of the mid 80's in a couple of years.

CB: G Baxter, McCutcheon, Bartell Jr

FS: Fox

SS: Jones

4.20 Seattle - Ryan Moats, RB, Louisianna Tech

4.21 Buffalo - Gerald Sensabaugh, S, North Carolina

He was a JC transfer who played 3 years at East Tennessee State and once blocked 3 punts in 1 game. He transferred to North Carolina in January 2004 after ETSU dropped its football program and had a great senior season. Was UNC's defensive MVP and a big hitter. As you would expect from someone with his background, he doesn’t have great technique and is pretty raw. However, he is blessed with excellent athleticism and speed. He turned a lot of heads at the combine with the top vertical jump (46-inch), top broad jump (11-1), and was the fastest safety with an official 4.50 forty with an explosive 10 yard split time of 1.56.

Pierson Prioleau was already cut, and Coy Wire may also be released for cap reasons. The Bills are in good shape with Milloy and Vincent as their starting safety tandem, but quality depth is needed. Sensabaugh should also be able to contribute on special teams right away while learning behind the two vets.

4.22 Jacksonville - Adam Snyder, OT, Oregon

Although there is some debate about whether he'll play guard or tackle in the NFL, Snyder has the size to do either (6-6 325). Snyder had a so-so combine with a lsow 40 time but a decent three-cone drill. He scored a 27 on the Wonderlic. The Jags have a need for someone to come in and compete at LT with Pearson. There is also a need for OL depth. E. Salaam was horrible after Pearson was hurt. Both guards struggled last year as they played with injury.

4.23 Baltimore - Antonio Perkins, CB, Oaklahoma

4.24 Green Bay - Kirk Morrison, ILB, San Diego St

4.25 Seattle - Terrence Murphy, WR, Texas A&M

4.26 NY Jets - Ronald Fields, DT, Mississippi State

The Jets need a young, bit DT and they found him in Fields. Playing alonside John Abraham, Shaun Ellis and Dewayne Robertson, the Jets don't need a playmaker at the second DT spot. What they need is a guy that will take up space, and Fields fits the bill at 320 lbs. This is a pretty good spot for Fields to get drafted, and he'll benefit from playing along the Jets playmakers. Fields is strong against the run, and he'll battle Josh Evans for playing time in training camp this year.

4.27 Atlanta - George Gause, DE, South Carolina

4.28 Indianapolis - ** Time expired March 24, 5:07pm EST ** Waiting for vote on pick

4.29 San Diego - Jason Jefferson, DT, Wisconsin

4.30 Pittsburgh - T.A. McLendon, RB, NC State

Need to get some young blood in at RB. Is a big back who could do very well in the Steelers system.

4.31 Philadelphia - Anthony Bryant, DT, Alabama

A huge, space eating defensive tackle (6'3", 335 pounds) that struggled with his weight in the past fits in perfectly with the Eagles long-term needs. An ideal replacement for Hollis Thomas in 2006 and beyond, the Eagles will work on getting Bryant's dietary issues in check in 2004 while using him sparingly at the tail end of their tackle rotation.

4.32 New England - Jammal Brimmer, S, UNVL

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The 2005 NFL Draft pick-by-pick commentary...

Round 1:

** Trade Alert **

The San Francisco 49ers have traded their #1 selection in the 2005 draft to the San Diego Chargers for the Chargers' #12 and #61 picks...

1.01 San Diego (from San Francisco) - Mike Williams, WR, USC

Everyone knows the Chargers need a few things : A play making wide receiver, a pass rusher, O-line help and cornerback, plus add depth at linebacker. At the 12 spot I could only really address two of those things, my targets were Marcus Spears or Alex Barron. Both of whom could come in right away, start and make an impact. But with Spears stock rising and Detroit needing an OT I doubt either would have been there and I would have to trade down. With the trade being made though, the obvious choice was between Braylon Edwards or Mike Williams.

Why Williams over Edwards? I really like what Mike Williams bring to the table, he reminds me a lot of Herman Moore. Just a monster in terms of size, plus he is like a vacuum, he catches everything. I was leery of Braylon Edwards #1 – He looks an awful lot like David Terrell to me. Now I live in Michigan and watched him play a lot over the last few years and I think he’ll be an o.k. pro and will out perform David Terrell and maybe even Amani Toomer (to compare to other UofM wr’s) , but his situation has to be right.

Overall I think Mike Williams fits what Marty and SD is trying to do, the adjustment from LA to San Diego won’t be a big one and imaging the starting O of – Brees, LT2, McCardell, Mike Williams, Gates, plus now our third receiver is Eric Parker and Reche Caldwell. The AFC west will have tons of shoot-outs this year and SD has the tools to compete even more.

1.02 Miami - Derrick Johnson, OLB Texas

Going ahead with the pick, I looked at a few different angles...

Quarterback. Rodgers was very tempting, especially since he actually measured 6'2" at the combine. I really think he will develop into a solid NFL starter with potential to be a star. Alex Smith I think will only be solid (like a Drew Bledsoe). I have 2 problems with going in this direction. One, we just spent a 2nd round pick on AJ Feeley last year and didn't get a chance to see what he really has to offer us. For one thing, Wanny didn't even let him start until about 1/2 way through the season. For another, the offensive line play was so horrible, ANY QB would have looked bad back there. The second problem I have with going QB here is that I think Saban doesn't have to. He has the luxury of seeing what Feeley can do this year, and if he doesn't work out, trying to acquire a QB next year. Saban will be given plenty of time to work his magic here in Miami. The fans here ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE GUY. It's kind of scary actually. They almost worship him. He has the time to wait until next year to draft a QB and then give him 2-3 more years to develop. Plus if we pick up a 2nd in a trade for Surtain, Adrian McPherson might be available

Running Back. This is where I would have gone most likely if we were able to move down (assuming DJ was gone -- which I believe he would have been). 3 top backs in this year's draft all rated very closely. Couple of things made me shy away from this pick. One (same situation with the QBs), we already spent a 3rd round pick to get Lamar Gordon and he was never really given a chance last year. He was injured after a short time and the play of our offensive line last year was attrocious. We do have reason to believe our OL play will be vastly improved this year. His name is Hudson Houck -- probably one of the best if not THE best OL coaches in the league. I think between Gordon and Sammy Morris, behind an improved offensive line, we may be okay at RB this year. Also there is the fact that this year's RB class is not only impressive because of the talent at the top, it is most impressive because of its depth. If we want we should be able to pick up a quality RB in the 2nd (if we get one in a trade) or 3rd or even 4th round.

Defense. All of our free agency moves thus far have led me to believe we will be running more of a 3-4 defense this year than not. We restructured David Bowens (DE), signed Vonnie Holiday (DE), are in the process of signing Kevin Carter (DE) and already have Jason Taylor under contract. Why so many defensive ends? Me thinks it is because Saban has plans of having Taylor play a lot of OLB in a 3-4 set (a position I think he would be even better at than a DE in the 4-3 ). Who scarier to play OLB opposite Taylor than Derrick Johnson, OLB, Texas?

Some people will cry about this pick and claim that DJ isn't rated high enough to warrant this pick. I'm not buying it. DJ ran an impressive 4.5 time at the combine and I think he put on 10-15 pounds too! And there is no doubt with some good coaching (ie Saban) Johnson will develop into one of the best OLBs EVER. Right up there with LT. I think Jason Taylor will excel so much at the position under Saban, that we could have an absolutely amazing set of OLBs!!! Every scouting web site I've looked at (scout.com, NFL Draft Countdown, Draft Blitz, etc) has DJ rated in the top 5 overall. Not necessarily the BPA at #2, but without being able to trade down, I think he's a good fit here for my team...

** Trade Alert **

The Cleveland Browns have traded their #3 selection in the 2005 draft to the Minnesota Vikings for the Vikings' #7, #80, and #114 picks...

1.03 Minnesota - Braylon Edwards, WR, Michigan

The Edwards pick was a no brainer IMO. He won't replace Moss, be he will sure make the transition much smoother. The kid has excellent size, speed and hands and more importantly he has a passion for the game that all of the greats seem to have ... something that just can't be measured at the Combine.

1.04 Chicago - Ronnie Brown, RB, Auburn

Drafting best player available here. 2 biggest needs are wr (still) and o-line, but there is nobody worth taking at 4 at those positions. Brown might very well be the best player in the entire draft at this point. 6’0, 230 lbs with blazing speed, great receiver out of the backfield and a very willing blocker, and on top of all those…..with VERY LOW MILEAGE. New o/c Ron Turner wants to pound the ball, bring back some traditional Bears football values, and Thomas Jones has too many question marks. He has not proven he can hold up under a feature back’s workload, he didn’t play well when times were tough, with the bad qb play and banged up o-line. Brown appears to be a guy that Turner and the offense should be able to lean on at all times, and if this guy plays up to his measurables, the Bears have got themselves a very special player, a real star.

I would’ve taken Edwards here if he were on the board, but Brown is no consolation prize. Just think Edwards would’ve filled more of a need, but with Muhammed in the fold, the desperation with which we needed a wr was gone, leaving us in a good position to sit back and take the best player that fell to us, and low and behold he may be the best player in the draft.

Rumors are that the Bears are going to add Fred Miller to play rt. If true, combining him with Muhammed and now a Ronnie Brown, the Bear offense would be just about ready to make a run at the division title.

1.05 Tampa Bay - Alex Smith, QB, Utah

No coach is more enamored with young QBs than Gruden, so if one of either Rodgers or Smith is available at the 5th spot Tampa would jump, and quickly.

Smith is a tall guy who has not quite grown into his body (217 lbs) but is very athletic as witnessed by his QB-best 20-yard shuttle and 2nd best 3 cone time. Smith's arm strength may not be on par with Rodgers, but it isn't far off and he is the more intelligent of the two prospects. In fact, Smith's wonderlic score of 40 was the second highest score of all prospects.

With the way Brian Griese's contract is structured, he can be released at the end of next year, or at the end of 2 years with minimal cap ramifications. This was conceivably to allow time for Simms to grow into the starter's role, but Gruden soured on Simms a bit last year when he made mental mistakes in his action against Arizona.

I initially thought of going with Mike Williams, Ronnie Brown or Derrick Johnson at this spot, but if a blue-chip QB falls into your lap it's impossible to pass them up. Tampa can re-sign Galloway and Jurevicius and field a very capable receiving core, and I'm increasingly certain that Gruden is happy enough with a Pittman/Garner backfield that RB won't be a choice here.

1.06 Tennessee - Cadillac Williams, RB, Auburn

WHile Adam Jones certainly may well be the pick and was worth consideration, we're gambling that there will be some decent talent at Corner in round 2.

Williams is fantastic in short yardage - which has been a real problem in the last 2 years - and its our opinion, after seeing him at the combine, that his lack of receiving numbers have less to do with his talent and more to do with the coach's play-calling (see: Tomlinson @ TCU). We'll let Williams field kicks and then use he and Chris Brown (who already IS a good receiver) to throw teams off by having them on the field together a TON. As a byproduct, we'll be keeping Brown fresh as well. We envision Norm Chow's offensive schemes will use the strengths of both players, and having 2 talented guys touching the ball 60+% of the time (running plays, receiving plays, and returning kicks) is a good formula for us in the future.

1.07 Cleveland (From Minnesota) - Alex Barron, OT, FSU

Cleveland has many holes and could go almost any direction here with legit prospects at RB, QB, WR, OL, LB, CB.

I have always held the belief that the battle is won in the trenches on both sides of the ball. Cleveland has notoriously been lacking in real tackle talent and uses converted guards. Alex Baron is a specimen although a bit raw in his run blocking, his pass protection is superb (Dilfer is happy camper). Romeo brought in Jeff Davidson to coach the line after doing a bang up job in NE. He is drooling to work with this kid. Andruzzi will also bring his leadership and show these kids what it takes to be a champion.

Kiper ranks him a 93 and states that with dedication on his part, Baron could be a perenial pro-bowler. Thats what I'm counting on.

I almost took Pacman here. The FA signing of Baxter added to the deep corner pool this year makes this possible.

QB...We need to see what our rookies McCown and Harris bring to the table before casting them off. Provide a solid O-line and a good run game to go with some pretty good targets in Winslow, Bryant, Northcutt and Davis and you have the recipe for some Dilfer success and 2nd year QB grooming. (I hope!)

1.08 Arizona - Aaron Rodgers, QB, Cal

Aaron Rodgers has fallen far enough. I had never thought about QB with this pick, especially after the Cards signed Warner. Not really a need now, but it could be after Warner gets sacked 6 times a game even behind a good o-line. He should help buy Rodgers some time so there will be no rush to get him on the field. I was going to go defense but can't pass up this draft day steal.

Cedric Benson was also a consideration, but there are other RB's that I feel will be a good fit that I can grab later on in the 2nd or 3rd. I had also thought about Marcus Spears but luckily Chase had posted the Okeafor signing just in time so I could scratch that idea. I also thought about Adam Jones and Antrel Rolle but couldn't decide who would be a better fit for them. There are also plenty of CB's out there so I can look for one of them later on as well. It would really be nice to get one of the top ones though.

1.09 Washington - Antrel Rolle, CB, Miami

Tough choice here, with the way free agency has gone and the Coles for Moss trade taking a huge chunk of this years salary cap. It is unlikely that Smoot will resign. The skins will go corner, it's a tough choice between Pac Man and Rolle but on field performance wins out and for the second year in a row the Skins with a DB form the U. Rolle is a physical player who brings great athleticism to the table. Has great strength for a corner, and has a great jam at the line of scrimmage. Antrel has underrated speed, but his field speed is outstanding. and has decent recovery speed. Comes up for run support and more than holds his own, and his pass rush is very good. He'll be a great fit for Greg Williams' defense could very easily duplicate Shawn Springs' numbers from last year with a lot of pick and as many sacks coming form the blitz packages that williams uses.

1.10 Detroit - Adam "Pac Man" Jones, CB, West Virginia

I seriously thought about a pass rusher, but Erasmus is an injury risk, Spears is probably suited better for DT, and I just don't feel Merriman and Cody rate this high a pick. Jammal Brown was attractive, but again I didn't feel the value was there. So the best impact defensive player left on the board it is

To be honest, I thought Rolle would have fallen, and I probably would have preferred that, given the fact he is viewed by some as a safety in the pros, but you can't go wrong with Pac Man. The Lions have a pretty nice young duo of cornerbacks in Bly and Bryant, but they started only seven games together last year due to the injury bug, and Jones is the perfect guy to back them up, while he gets acclimated to the pro game. And Drummond and Jones returning kicks together makes me salivate.

I would have liked to discuss a trade down, but just like you guys, I wanna get this thing rollin', so I apologize to those of you I didn't respond back to. The best CB on the board is a fine consolation prize.

** Trade Alert **

The Dallas Cowboys have traded their #11 selection in the 2005 draft to the Houston Texans for the Texans' #13 and #108 picks...

1.11 Houston (From Dallas) - Cedric Benson, RB, Texas

The Texans move up 2 spots in the draft to select a player who should have gone earlier. Cedric Benson gives them a much stronger runner who should be able carry much more effectively between the tackles. This move also allows Domanicked-up Davis to move into the change of pace / 3rd down role that he was originally drafted and better suited for. I strongly considered Spears at this pick and would have loved for one of the 2 corners to fall but getting Benson although probably not a popular pick proves to tempting to pass up. Giving up a 4th round pick seems like a small price to pay to move up to take a player that I had 5th on my draft board.

1.12 San Francisco (From San Diego) - Marcus Spears, DE, LSU

Both the top player on my board & a big-time need. The 9ers want to eventually run the 3-4 full-time & this guy will really help them with the transition. He's an excellent athlete for a man his size. Huge frame (6-4 307) & long arms. Stout against the run & a perfect LDE in the 3-4 scheme. Has a knack for making the big play. Scored several TDs. High character, as well.

The only other player I considered was Shawne Merriman. Merriman is probably a 3-4 OLB, though, & good 3-4 DEs are rare. They have to stop the run like a 4-3 tackle & still be able to put good pressure on the passer. Spears will be a stud, IMO.

1.13 Dallas (From Houston) - Shawne Merriman, DE, Maryland

The Cowboys are ecstatic at picking up a 4th rounder and still landing this playmaker, after moving down 2 spots from #11. He is an awesome athlete. He has a great build for a linebacker, has great speed, and has very good lateral agility. He is explosive up the field and can really put pressure on the quarterback. He has the ability and experience to play up or down in the pros. His versatility will definitely help our defense, whether we run the 4-3, 3-4 , or a hybrid of the two.

1.14 Carolina - Troy Williamson, WR, South Carolina

After losing Moose, the Panthers need someone else at WR.

Williamson has height and speed. 19.4 yards per catch on a team that wasn't a big passing team.

** Trade Alert **

The Kansas City Chiefs have traded their #15 and #46 selections in the 2005 draft to the New Orleans Saints for the Saints' #16 and #40 picks...

1.15 New Orleans (From Kansas City) - Thomas Davis, S, Georgia

This was an extremely tough choice. I was very high on several guys at this pick. With Jerome Pathon a cap casualty and Joe Horn aging, WR has surprisingly become a position of need for us. Mark Clayton has some slot experience and would do well as the #3 behind Horn and Stallworth, BUT there's a guy named Devery Henderson whom I think the team hasn't given up on yet and may want to see in that role. We need a tall, fast corner to compliment McKenzie on the other side and Carlos Rogers could be the guy. However, Fahkir Brown made strides at the end of the year and I've always thought he could handle the #2 job, so I decided CB wasn't a big enough need for our first round selection.

That moved me to Thomas Davis. One of the many things our defense lacks is a hard-hitting monster to make opposing wide receivers think twice about going over the middle. At 6'1-230, TD is the man for that job. He has demonstrated a nice ability to read plays and is an excellent tackler, both of which are vital skills for our strong safety. His negatives are that his size might make him a "tweener" and he's only a junior. However, I believe we can get another solid season out of Jay Bellamy and let Davis slowly move into the starting line-up. If he ends up being a better fit at OLB, then we sure as heck could use him there instead.

I felt there was a good chance KC would take Davis and after careful analysis, I decided dropping 6 spots in the second would be worth securing our top target.

1.16 Kansas City (From New Orleans) - David Pollack, DE, Georgia

With the FA addition of Kendrell Bell and the (presumed) acquisition of Patrick Surtain, KC had three options. One, was to draft the best WR available, but when Williamson was snagged, we didn’t feel that there was another that would give us full value for the pick.

Secondly, we looked at drafting a rookie to be our nickel CB, and were looking @ Carlos Rogers. But in the end, we weren’t going to use our #1 pick on a nickel CB, as we see Eric Warfield being a nice #2 CB. Lastly we looked at DL help, and targeted Dan Cody, Shaun Cody and Pollack. The deciding factor was Dan Cody’s off-field risk, as he had quit on his team for depression while at OU, even though it was for a short time. Shaun Cody would have been a nice run-stopping DE in our system, with his 290-lb. frame. Eric Hicks’ play has declined and he is aging, so nabbing a DE is a need. It was a tough choice between Shaun Cody and Pollack. Getting Pollack allows us to shop Hicks, potentially in a Patrick Surtain deal. Moreover, David will team with Jared Allen to form a solid DE duo for years.

What we like about Pollack is his motor, his intelligence and his character. Any DL who scores a 30 on the Wonderlic test, and is of high character, is a guy who fits the profile for a player Lamar Hunt, Peterson and Vermeil like. The hope is that Pollack turns into a Grant Wistrom-type of DE.

** Trade Alert **

The Cincinnati Bengals have traded their #17 selection in the 2005 draft to the Dallas Cowboys for the Cowboys' #20 and #108 picks...

1.17 Dallas (From Cincinnati) - Jamaal Brown, OT, Oklahoma

We use our pick from Houston to move up 3 spots from #20 to leapfrog over St. Louis. We viewed the Rams as a very real threat to take the last tackle on the board; who we feel is the last piece in creating one of the best O-Line's in the league.

One NFL GM reported having seen excellent technique from Brown at the Combine, and a “football intelligence” that the other OT prospects didn’t seem to convey. Jammal brings the versatility to play both sides (Left or Right Tackle), and that adds to his value. Flozell Adams, Larry Allen, Al Johnson, Marco Rivera, and Jammal Brown. Enough said!

1.18 Minnesota - Dan Cody, DE, Oklahoma

This pick fills a big need. The Vikings can now line up Cody, P. Williams, K. Williams and Udeze with both Hovan and Johnstone in reserve. This will have a huge impact on their overall defensive performance and will make their mediocre LBs look that much better.

Cody, much like Braylon Edwards who was drafted earlier, appears to have a strong passion for the game and was a Hendricks award finalist. He lacks size but he goes all out to get to the quarterback.

I had an offer to move to the 20 spot, but I couldn't be certain that St. Louis wouldn't take him. Although others like Erasmus James and Shaun Cody were also avaliable, the Vikings had the Oklahoma Cody in their sites.

1.19 St. Louis - Carlos Rogers, CB, Auburn

There are three real needs for the Rams in my opinion. Personally, I think CB was the least of those three big needs. However, Rogers is the best player left in those three positions and has the least downside. Rogers is the winner of the Thorpe Award, which is given to the nations top DB. He should do well in run support, and his 4.31 speed should serve him well on the turf in coverage.

1.20 Cincinnati (From Dallas) - Erasmus James, DE, Wisconsin

I traded down because I am trying to think like Marvin. If Pollack was there, I would have taken him, but there wasn't another player that jumped out as need filler that couldn't be had at 20.

Almost every mock I have seen has Cincy going with a DT in the first. Langston Moore showed improvement as the season went on after filling in for Tony Williams. Also, last years 4th round pick, Matthias Askew was most likely going to be 1st rounder this year if he would have stayed in school. The bengals have also been talking to Buffalo free agent, Pat Williams. There aren't any sure thing tackles in this draft so I went with James, who has slipped because of a slow 40 at the combine

This is probably the most useless drill for a DE. The QB isn't 40 yards away.

James showed excellent quickness and explosiveness in the pass rush portion of the combine, and looked like the best DE at their position drills. If he slips this far, I can't see how the Bengals would pass him up here. He is the last of the elite DE's.. and he's on my team

1.21 Jacksonville - Heath Miller, TE, Virginia

Well the three main needs for the Jags are CB, DE, and OT. With Carlos Rodgers, Jamaal Brown, and Erasmus James going right in front of them, I don't think that their NEEDS are in sync with the players available. If I was going to draft on need, I would probably go corner here and go Marlin Jackson.

However, this team really needs OFFENSE. They couldn't score in the red zone to save their life.

[Heath Miller] is clearly the best at his position in this draft. He's a Top 15 talent. Kyle Brady is getting old and expensive. George Wrightster has had nagging back problems.

1.22 Baltimore - Mark Clayton, WR, Oklahoma ** Rights traded to Denver

DENVER'S big need this year would have to be DE and WR. With only two picks in the first 4 rounds, it was essential that Denver get a solid pick in the first round. Trevor Pryce is on the block and with the loss of Berry and Hayward in consecutive years, the line is thin. The acquistion of DT Gerard Warren and the transition to the 3-4 defense helps. Spears and Merriman were targeted but the Broncos were unable to trade up. Once Cody was taken by the Packers, the Broncos made their move on a WR.

WR is an obvious need as Rod Smith is clearly in the twilight of his career. Although he still puts up good numbers, another season of playing with Jake and the frustration should push him towards retirement.

Denver gets the other Clayton. They tried hard to trade up to get older brother Michael last year, but failed. Clayton is the most polished WR of the bunch and should step in and help right away. By trading for Clayton, Denver has a very formidable trio of WR's for the future. Darius Watts showed that he could become a solid 3rd WR. Ashley Lelie came out as a legitimate deep threat and with Clayton on board, Denver would be fielding 2 first rounders and a 2nd rounder as their starting WRs.

This would provide Jake with another target, don't know what that will do since he can't get them the ball anyway, but that's another topic all on its own.

1.23 Seattle - Travis Johnson, DT, FSU

The Seahawks have some pressing needs on defense this offseason and one of Ruskell's plans when he came into becoming the Seahawks President was to solidify the "front 7" and starting with the DL. The Seahawks need to get pressure on the QB and Travis Johnson will accomplish that, as well as stop the run adequately. Before the Seahawks improve on defense, they need to address their D-line problem and be able to stuff the run and put pressure on the QB. Travis Johnson is a player that will be able to jump into the starting DT rotation and make an impact.

1.24 Green Bay - Shaun Cody, DE, USC

The Packers biggest needs for the 2005 draft are OG, LB, DL, DB, and QB. Cody is the highest rated available player on my draft board. He's known as a tweener so he can play either DE or DT. Hopefully, he'll be able to play DE where he'll lineup opposite KGB and provide a strong outside pass rush. Also considered an ILB and OG here but will address those positions with the two picks in the 2nd round.

** Trade Alert **

The Denver Broncos have traded their #25, and #151 selections in the 2005 draft and their 3rd round pick in the 2006 draft to the Baltimore Ravens for the rights to Mark Clayton, WR, Oklahoma...

1.25 Baltimore - Khalif Barnes, OT, Washington

Due to computer access problems while we were OTC yesterday, the Ravens were

officially 'clocked out', and had the message board vote Mark Clayton as our pick.

We certainly viewed the Clayton pick as a viable one...lord knows the Raven passing attack owned the absolute worst set of WR's in the league last year.

The addition of Derrick Mason goes a long way in improving this position, and we feel mgmt will continue to seek a WR2 to start along side Mason thru Free Agency, possibly after the June 1st cuts.

With this in mind, we trade the rights to Clayton to DENVER for this years 5th and next years 3rd round picks...and select Khalif Barnes-OT, UDub...

Barnes will play behind RT Orlando 'Zeus' Brown, who will turn 35 during the season this year. We feel Zeus is probably in his last year, and while a load to handle in the run game, is a liability in pass portection.

Barnes is a very gifted athlete, as he was a 2 sport All-Confrence player in High School (football/basketball), and is a very intelegent player, having been selected All-Acedemic in San Diego both Jr and Sr years in high school. Impresses many scouts as the OT with the potentialy highest ceiling of all OT's in this years draft, as he has only played the position 4 yrs (was recruited as a DT and switched his red-shirt freshman year to the offensive side of the ball).

At 6'5"-310, he has quick feet, but is only seen to have avg strength...alittle work in the weight room of the brand new $38M training facility will go a long way in beefing up the young man, allowing him to handle the rigors of the NFL trenches.

A solid addition to an aging offensive line that lost it's most experienced young player in Casey Rabach, who signed a very nice FA contract w/the Washington Redskins last week.

1.26 NY Jets - Fabian Washington, CB, Nebraska

CB isn't as big of a need as most observers have cited for the Jets. Truth be told, our top choice went right before us in Khalif Barnes, as we needed a T to replace McKenzie. However, Washington is certainly a great consolation prize and will bring special value to the Jets. He looks to be in the mold of Aaron Glenn (who had a great career with the Jets, and is just 5-9, 185), standing 5-10 5/8 and 183 pounds. He's faster than Glenn, and despite his small size has been described as cocky and fearless. Just the type of athletic playmaker the Jets could use in their defensive backfield for years to come. While Abraham, Barett and Mickens are all effective, their average age is 30 years.

The hope here for Washington is that he can also return kicks. He certainly has the speed, and playing on special teams seems like a great way for him to get his feet wet. If he can make that transition, the Jets could have a potential star on their hands.

** Trade Alert **

The Atlanta Falcons have traded their #27 selection in the 2005 draft to the Philadelphia Eagles for the Eagles' #35 and #94 picks...

1.27 Philadelphia (From Atlanta) - Marcus Johnson, OG/OT, Mississippi

Following in their time honored tradition of both drafting the best player available AND looking for long-term needs, the Eagles trade up to grab Johnson. Johnson, who passes the eyeball test (320 lbs, 6'6"), played both guard and tackle at Mississippi.

In 2005, Johnson can serve the key role of backup at both G/T spots, as the line is set with Thomas (LT), Hicks (LG), Fraley ©, Andrews (RG), and Runyan (RT). However, just as the team drafted Andrews last year to ultimately replace Runyan at tackle, Johnson will be looked upon most likely as the starter at LG in 2006 and beyond (while Hicks or someone else replaces Tra Thomas).

Johnson is technically sound, plays with a mean streak and strong hand punch. Lateral quickness and a tendency to play a bit upright at times are considered correctable issues, but not really problems as the Eagles plan (most likely) to use him at guard primarily.

** Trade Alert **

The San Diego Chargers have traded their #28 selection in the 2005 draft to the Tennessee Titans for the Titans' #37, and #102 picks...

1.28 Tennessee (From San Diego) - Justin Miller, CB, Clemson

Losing our two starting corners is bad news. As such, we need a guy that can step in and play quickly, even if there is some "learning on the fly" he'll have to do. He has decent size (5'10) and good speed, which we need in a division with Marvin Harrison and Andre Johnson.

Some scout services have Miller right behind Rolle in the high teens. I happen to have him right around 20, before a severe speed dropoff in Corners. I didn't want to get stuck with Jackson or Webster after making a BPA pick at 1.05.

So, we've now added a weapon to our special teams and backfield (which was an area of great need IMO) and we've added a sub 4.5 Corner who is a nice find this late. So far, I'm happy.

1.29 Indianapolis - Marlin Jackson, CB, Michigan

It was obvious that this pick would be CB or LB. With the LB's not being very strong in this draft Indy went with Marlin. It seems as if those bastards in Tennessee also knew that and traded up to steal "our" man. As excited as I was to see Miller keep falling, I knew it was too good to be true. SCREW YOU COLIN!

Marlin is a big, physical corner who was a 4 year starter at one of the nation's top programs. He doesn't have blazing speed yet he doesn't need to playing in the Cover 2. He has experience covering and shutting down such receivers as Charles Rogers & Reggie Williams while at Michigan. He has great confidence and at 6'1'' would be great for the Colts who lack a big corner. Marlin will step right in as the starter Week 1 and will be a huge upgrade at the position.

1.30 Pittsburgh - Elton Brown, OG, Virginia

The Steelers most pressing need is for depth on the line with Vincent and Ross as free agents and Simmons as a bit of a question mark. I feel Brown is the best interior guy in this draft and one of the best 3 or 4 OL all together. Big and physical. Should fit in very well in the Steelers power running game.

I did consider WR here, but I am really not that sold on White.

The OL is the heart of the Steelers anyhow.

1.31 Philadelphia - Kevin Burnett, OLB, Tennessee

With the release of Nate Wayne, and the free agent defections of LBs Reese and Adams, the Eagles need an infusion of talent and youth in their linebacking corps. The choice is easy, as Kevin Burnett is available as hoped. Burnett is already a fierce run stopper who is particularly effective at shedding blocks, a critical component to Jim Johnson's pressure defense, and the reason Burnett projects as a more natural 4-3 OLB than some other OLB prospects.

At 6'3", 236 pounds with excellent pursuit angles and a sure tackler, Burnett could step in and start this year. Although he's not avid in pass coverage, he has natural instincts in that regard and actually was recruited to Tennessee as a safety.

1.32 New England - Channing Crowder, MLB, Florida

6'2" 252 LB from FU had been rated as a MID 1st rounder. To get him here is a STEAL for the Defensive minded coach. With the LB corp that avg's over 30 years of age it certainly helps to get a young stub MLB. The lack of experience is worth the chance here at the end of the first round. He's been timed out at 4.6 and with his size and speed to make BIG plays ALL OVER the field. He's a great tackler and makes RB's pay for finding their way thru the holes!!! Channing is a RARE combo of a pass rusher and a run stopper and that is just what Pioli is looking for to fill the LB depth of his Championship team. Even though this kid has had his share of off field problems he is more than worth the risk at the end of the first round. If there is one coaching staff that can get this kid in line this is the one. The RICH JUST GET RICHER.

With most of the NE LB's at least around for one more year Channing can learn on the job. The coaching staff will get this kid in as much as possilbe to get his legs wet in the NFL. With some good coaching this kid will be a STAR in the NFL.

As a side note this kid has been know to wrestle wild boar in the offseason to practice his tackling techniques.

Round 2:

** Trade Alert **

The San Francisco 49ers have traded their #33 selection in the 2005 draft to the Green Bay Packers for the Packers' #51, and #89 picks...

2.01 Green Bay (From San Francisco) - David Baas, OG, Michigan

Hails from a program known for producing good OL. Their best prospect since Steve Hutchinson. Baas is quick, tough, & smart. Very competitive & has a nasty temperament. Tireless worker who always gives 100%. Displays great technique, as well.

The Packers need to bolster their OL & this helps fill a weakness at G.

2.02 Cleveland - Barrett Ruud, ILB, Nebraska

Switching to the 3-4 requires specific personnel which Cleveland does not have outside of Chaun Thompson OLB, and Andra Davis ILB. Ruud is a proven commodity and grades out higher than Crowder right now. Although lacking elite straight line speed, a look at his shuttle and cone drills show astonishing quickness. Ruud can shed blockers which is a must, takes great angles, and is a ball hawking tackle machine. In the AFC North with all of the good RBs we needed run defense and he brings it.

I could have gone CB here but I am not that impressed with the guys that are left once J Miller went off the board.

2.03 Atlanta (From Miami via Philadelphia) - Brodney Pool, FS, Oklahoma

Pool was a player being considered strongly at the #27 slot, so they are ecstatic to be able to secure Pool in addition to picking up an additional 3rd rounder. With Thomas Davis being projected at LB now, Pool is the best pure S prospect in this draft as a junior eligible player.

As it stands now, the Falcons have to choose between Rich Coady and Kevin McCadem at the FS position after waiving Cory Hall. DC Ed Donatell has always been a proponent of building a defense that can create turnovers, but Hall was simply not that player in the secondary. In fact, the starting secondary as a whole really lacks in the INT department. DeAngelo Hall showed some potential, but Bryan Scott is more of a run support player and Jason Webster and Kevin Mathis combined for 3 INT's. Aaron Beasley (now a FA) led the Falcons with 4 INT's.

Pool has the type of ballhawk and athletic ability you look for from your FS. Given the dearth of talent at this position, Pool may be forced to start right away which is not ideal, but at the same time if he can develop quickly, the Falcons will be far better off at this position than they were in 2004.

** Trade Alert **

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have traded their #36 selection in the 2005 draft to the St. Louis Rams for the Rams' #50, and #81 picks...

2.04 St. Louis (From Tampa Bay) - Matt Roth, DE, Iowa

With Fisher unsigned and Leonard Little facing legal problems (again) DE is a need for the Rams. Roth is a natural pass rusher and is pretty good at defending the run. While his 40 times at the combine were not the greatest, the guy has an excellent work ethic and gives 100% effort 100% of the time.

I feel that Roth is an excellent value here with experts like Mel Kiper predicting him to go in the 20’s in the first round. I actually tried to trade up with NE to make this pick, but was caught in traffic on I-95 at the time his pick was due. Luckily Roth remained on the board and I was able to get him for cheaper.

2.05 San Diego (From Tennessee) - Brandon Browner, CB, Oregon State

Let me say I'm glad Roth was off the board. I like him alot as a player, but I really don't think he fits the Chargers 3-4 scheme, he's a little underzied to play DE in the 3-4.

After moving up to take Williams in the first, then sliding down to this pick with Tennesse, I really see my pick comes down to two players. I would really be happy with either pick. My choices are between Darryl Blackstock and Brandon Browner. SD's linebackers are getting older, but outside of Jamal Williams the strength of the unit. Our secondary is young and green and still has alot to prove. In the AFC west points will be scored, early and often. Blackstock is more of "pass-rushing" outside lineback which Foley currently holds. I like Blackstock alot, but a 6-3 cornerback is nothing to sneeze at.

Brandon Browner - CB - Oregon State.

Strengths: Has terrific upside. Is a big, strong, physical cornerback. At his best in press man-to-man coverage. Has good overall athleticism for a big DC. Does a great job of getting a shove in at the line. Can matchup extremely well versus bigger receivers. Has the potential to develop into a "shutdown" man-to-man DC in the NFL. Is tough and physical. Has long arms and good leaping ability. Wins jump-ball battles on a consistent basis. Does a good job of finding the ball in the air and has adequate-to-good ball skills. Will fill hard in run support and has good size/strength in that facet of the game. Is a solid open field tackler.

Weaknesses: Is still a bit raw. Is a bit inconsistent with his footwork and hand-placement. Has adequate-to-good speed but not elite. Has more trouble when playing "off" in coverage. Has trouble with the double move coverage.

** Trade Alert **

The Oakland Raiders have traded their #38 selection in the 2005 draft to the Cincinnati Bengals for the Bengals' #48, and #108 picks...

2.06 Cincinnati (From Oakland) - Ernest Shazor, SS, Michigan

I traded up to get Shazor because I felt that he would not drop 10 more spots and it would only cost me the 4th I picked up from Dallas. Cincinnati needs a big Safety to compliment Madieu and one that can help stop the run. The really don't have an option on the roster to fill this need and I feel Shazor can step in right away as a starter at SS and improve this defense.

Either Hawthorne or Mosley would have probably slipped to my original draft spot but I don't think either would be a better option to start than Matthias Askew or Langston Moore. Askew, a 4th in last years draft, that was projected to be a 1st if he would have stayed at Mich St. for his senior season. Moore saw his first action in the NFL last year after Tony Williams' injury. 5 out of 6 games without Moore as a starter the team allowed a 100 yard rusher compared to 5 out of 10 with him. The d-line is young, along with most of the defense, but I think they will be much improved with a year of experience under their belts.

** Trade Alert **

The Chicago Bears have traded their #39 selection in the 2005 draft to the New York Jets for the Jets' #57, and #88 picks...

2.07 NY Jets (From Chicago) - DeMarcus Ware, LB, Troy State

Five dollars to anyone who can name the other Jets Sam LB in the playoffs last year (the one opposite Barton)?

Not only do most NFL fans have no idea who he is, I bet you most hardcore Jets fans have no idea. After Victor Hobson got hurt (and was nothing special), the Jets used Mark Brown, an undrafted practice squad two year vet out of Auburn. As a result the Jets choose to trade up and grab Ware here.

Physically, he's a Derrick Johnson clone. Who knows how high Ware would have gone if he played at Texas, but let's break down the two:


Ware: 6-4, 251

Johnson: 6-3, 242

40 yard/20 yard/10 yard

Ware: 4.56/2.71/1.62

Johnson: 4.52/2.66/1.61

Vertical Jump/Broad Jump

Ware: 38.5 /10'2

Johnson: 37.5/10


Ware: 4.07/6.85

Johnson: 3.93/7.21

Bench Press/Wonderlic

Ware: 27/20

Johnson: n/a/21

The bottom line, is that they're dead even on the measurables. Ware is a playmaker, something the Jets haven't had at OLB in a long, long time. Ware has excellent speed and quickness, and will be a major pass rusher for the Jets. He had 10.5 sacks and 19 tackles for losses last year, and will be used immediately on third downs. Combined with Fabian Washington, the Jets pass defense has instantly improved.

2.08 Kansas City (From New Orleans via Washington) - Daryl Blackstock, OLB, Virginia

We could have gone many ways here. In reality, KC may be trading this pick to MIA for Surtain but for now, I have the pick and will use it. This pick is made in assumption that Carl Peterson’s pursuit of Ed Hartwell has ended.

We envision a front seven of

DE-Allen, Pollack

DT-Siavii, Sims


OLB-Fujita, Bllackstock

That’s three new starters, and if you count Siavii, who didn’t start his rookie season, it’s four. A much-improved front seven will lend relief to a porous secondary, that should be improved, but that is not a given.

2.09 Detroit - Justin Tuck, DE, Notre Dame

I was hoping the depth of the defensive ends in this draft would enable me to grab a good one in the second round. I was almost wrong. When Roth was picked, I was sure I'd be stuck with Ware, but Tuck was the guy from the "second tier" I really wanted, and I am ecstatic he was still around.

Maybe the best pure pass rusher in the draft, Tuck is an immediate improvement over Redding and the bust Kalimba Edwards. With terrific speed and closing quickness, Tuck can make plays all over the field, and has worked hard to improve against the run. Some scouts will say he's too lanky, but that's what they said about guys like Jason Taylor, KGB, and Jevon Kearse, pro bowlers all.

With Pac Man in the first and Tuck in the second, the defense gets even more speed and quickness. The Lions have struggled to keep leads in the past. With Jones and Tuck on board, that pass defense doesn't look too shabby.

2.10 Dallas - Roddy White, WR, UAB

I didn't think he would last this long into the draft and are happy to see him still available. This pick gives the Cowboys a much needed deep threat. White is very athletic and adjusts to the ball well. He is not a finished product, but has been very productive and the Cowboys will love his playmaking ability.

2.11 New York Giants - Reggie Brown, WR, Georgia

The NYG's definitely needs some WR help, since they all seem to get hurt all the time or are underachieving, so Brown is a good fit here. Toomer has 9 years in him now and Eli will be needing targets. I do like some of the other young WR's on their team, but none of stepped it up yet or have stayed healthy enough to show their skills.

Since I didn't get the chance to watch many Georgia games I'll do my best to give a responce to what I saw. I liked his physical play. He seemed to get off the line quickly and wouldn't let a CB hold him up. Ran decent routes and fought hard after the catch. Not the biggest WR but has good height and plays stronger than he looks. Brown could be a nice posession receiver for Eli for many years.

From NFL.com:

Shows good quickness to get into his routes and does a very good job of dropping his weight to get in and out of his cuts … Works the short to intermediate routes well, displaying good body control and the ability to adjust to the poorly thrown ball … Has good sideline awareness and the ability to catch outside his frame … Will make the tough catch in traffic and can snatch and pluck the ball with ease … Short stepper with good initial quickness and acceleration off the line of scrimmage and has the burst to gain advantage on the defensive backs … Uses his size well to get off the press and has the quickness to escape and get back on the stem … Sinks his hips in and out of his cuts to separate and is effective at finding the soft spot and settling in the zone … Shows the awareness ability to adjust on the move and uncover … Uses his size to compete for the ball in traffic … Gives good effort to gain position and maintain it as a blocker … Can flip his hips and escape the cornerback working upfield thanks to efficient double moves.

From NFL Draft Showcase:

Sturdy wideout who could become a great second option in the pros similar to what the Colts' Reggie Wayne has become. Brown has been overshadowed for most of his career by flashier players, but he is a very solid football player. He won't be a #1, go-to guy in the pros, but he can be a second option and should also be an excellent slot guy. Expect Brown to go mid-late first day.

2.12 Arizona - Eric Green, CB, Virginia Tech

Green may be a bit of a reach this early in the 2nd. I don't think he'll go this high, but if CB's do fly off the board fast like they are here he certainly could. I had thought about other positions but didn't see any great value with them and some of them should fall. I also could make up my mind which players of the other positions I liked best, where as Green was the top rated CB on my list (#7, just after Fabian Washington)

Great athletic corner with good size and speed. He recovered well from a knee injury in 2002 (I think it was) and is still able to run in the 4.4's and as fast as 4.38. Great verticle jump (around the 40"mark) and decent strength. Great skills and plenty of talent. Needs to work on some parts of his game, but what rookie CB doesn't?

2.13 Carolina - Anttaj Hawthorne, DT, Wisconsin

With this pick the Panthers add depth to their defensive line, which they need.

At 6'3 305+ pounds he has great size and gets good leverage. Does good with tackles for a loss. Team captain at Wisconsin. Great run stopper but will have to work on pass rush.

I think he is super value at this pick.

2.14 New Orleans (From Kansas City) - Charlie Frye, QB, Akron

This was a surprisingly easy choice. We had several CBs and OLBs in our sights, but they flew off the board quickly. So with an inconsistent and aging Aaron Brooks (29) and no heir-apparent in sight, quarterback is another position we need to fill in this draft.

I like what I've seen out of Charlie Frye. During his career he crushed every important quarterback record at Akron, including a 64% completion rate and 17 rushing touchdowns - all with hardly adequate talent around him. He has prototypical size, 6'4-225, and scored an impressive 38 on the wonderlic test. His experience, size, arm strength, efficiency, smarts, and elusiveness should propel him to success in the NFL.

2.15 Houston - Odell Thurman, ILB, Georgia

With the impending departure of both starting ILB this is a pretty serious need for the Texans front 7. I feel that it also presents a good value at this point as I have Thurman as a late first round - early second round player. Although there are concerns about his off-field behavior his fall ends here. The Texans continue their approach of best player available that was started with the surprise selection of Cedric Benson in the 1st round.

Side note I really wanted to try to trade down here and pick up another pick but after thinking about this pick for the past day, I feel that the value/need is to great to pass up.

2.16 Oakland (From Cincinnati) - Corey Webster, CB, LSU

Oakland may still find a way to move Charles Woodson and we need help here in any case. Webster isn't quite the burner I'd like him to be, but he's got great instincts, has terrific cover skills, and decent height. A good value here at this point in the draft.

2.17 Minnesota - Ciatrick Fason, RB, Florida

I see [the Vikings'] needs as LB, WR, DT, OL, TE, QB and CB.

- With Webster and Thurman taken back-to-back ahead of me, there really isn't anyone worthy of a pick here at LB or CB.

- The Vikings already drafted a WR and I think they will fill their other WR need with a veteran. The remaining decent WRs in the draft are barely into the double digits in the Wonderlic.

- Vikings need a proven pivot should Culpepper go down. Any QB taken in the draft will be their 3rd QB and replace Hill on the depth chart.

[based on this, the Vikes go with Fason]

I almost went with TE Alex Smith here. With the expected move to a power running game, Kleinsasser will revert to more of a blocking role and a guy who can stretch the field like Smith would be a huge benefit with Moss gone. But Bennett has missed time, Smith is one joint away from suspension and Moore is still unproven, leaving the door open for an Fason to step in and be the man. Expect Tice to trade either Bennett or Smith and hand the ball off to Fason. Fason has decent speed, excellent vision and loves to run it between the tackles. He is also adept at catching the ball out of the backfield.

My only other considerations were Chris Spenser to back up Birk or Luis Castillo to provide depth on the O-Line.

2.18 Tampa Bay (From St. Louis) - Marion Barber III, RB, Minnesota

The point in trading down to the middle of this round was to select one of 3 running backs I had ranked about the same. The guy I wanted (Fason) was taken one pick before me, but I'm happy to get a guy who grades out nearly identical, and maybe a shade higher based on workouts: Marion Barber III.

**analysis from NFLDraftCountdown**

Strengths: Runs hard...Explodes through the hole...Great vision...Good size...Strong runner...Shows some shiftiness...Has good hands as a receiver...Excellent goaline back...Very productive...Is also a return man.

Weaknesses: Needs to show more patience and let his blocks develop...Has only average speed...Had some injury problems in 2002 so durability may be a concern...Doesn't carry the load for the Gophers...Has a tendency to run too tall.

2.19 San Francisco (From Green Bay via New Orleans) - Jerome Mathis, WR, Hampton

I considered several other positions, but I don't like most of the other top WR prospects so I decided to go with Mathis. The 9ers desperately need a guy who can stretch the field. I believe he had the fastest time ever recorded at the combine (4.31). Not just a track star, either. He's a tough, physical player. Fairly raw, but has as much upside as anybody. Also a tremendous return man.

2.20 Jacksonville - Stanley Wilson CB, Stanford

Jags have an obvious need for a CB2 having waived both Juran Bolden and DeWayne Washington.

Wilson has decent size (6-0 185) and good speed (4.36 in combines and former track star). Intelligent player who scored a 31 on the Wonderlic. He had a good Senior Bowl and tested well in Combines. Despite being the son of the former Bengals fullback with drug/bi-polar problems, he's been a solid citizen with a 3.5 average at Stanford.

2.21 Baltimore - Craphonso Thorpe, WR, FSU

As we've mentioned earlier in the Raven write ups, it is pretty apparent the front office is looking to fill the starting positions for this season via Free Agency (WR-Mason, CB-Rolle, OG-Vincent)...this draft will be used to acquire players at or near the top in terms of 'best availabe' that fill a need (aging O-line, team speed)

We think the WR2 position will be addressed w/a veteran addition w/the post June 1st cuts, leaving the draft to acquire players addressing our age and speed problems

When discussing the condition of the offense with Billick, OC Fassel said the team 'lacked explosion and quick strike ability'

Craphonso Thorpe answers that serious need on the outside.

A 3 year starter for the FSU Seminoles, he experienced his best season as a Junior, where in 11 games he went 51-994-11, with 7 of 11 TD's from +25 yds...

...a true speedster in the 4.37 range, Thorpe is the 2 time 100 & 200 meter ACC sprint champ, which is plenty fast enough for me! The one down side--and it is a serious one--is his ability to fully rebound from a broken leg late in his junior season...his frame is a bit fragile (6'2"--180), so this does present a bit of a problem...his selection here is as a situational role player, as opposed to a full time player, for a few years anyway

We view Thorpe as a canidate for the WR2 spot, which I see as a situational role filled by several players (FA vet, Clarence Moore and Thorpe), depending on the "on field" situation

Thorpe can be used to strech the field, while Clarence Moore can be used as a great red zone target in the WR2 position, IMO

Thorpe has the potential to move into the WR2 role fulltime, if he can add the bulk required to his frame needed to take the more physical nature of the NFL game

2.22 Seattle - Rian Wallace, OLB, Temple

2.23 Buffalo - Adam Terry, OT, Syracuse

Value is too good to pass up here even if the Henry/Shelton deal happens.

The best thing a young QB like Losman could have is a dominant offensive line in front of him to go along with great WRs and a great RB. The team let Jonas Jennings go and Terry looks like he could potentially be an upgrade. He's huge, athletic, and strong and could potentially become a dominant LT.

Also, gave serious consideration to TE Alex Smith here, because TE is a huge need for this team, but I think the TE position is deep enough to find some quality in rounds 3 or 4. Also, a blocking TE is probably a bigger priority with a young QB and ball-control offense anyway, and that's not one of Smith's strengths.

2.24 Denver - Jim Davis, DE, Virginia Tech

2.25 Chicago (From New York Jets) - Mark Bradley, WR, Oklahoma

2.26 Green Bay - Josh Bullocks, FS, Nebraska

After selecting Shaun Cody, DL, in the first round and trading for David Bass, OG, the Packers have filled the most glaring needs on the offensive and defensive lines. Next position of need is in the seconday, especially at the safety position. With the release of Darren Sharper and B. Jue, the only signed safeties on the roster are Mark Roman and rookie Julius Curry. Bullocks is a playmaker and will have to make plays his rookie year as he no doubt will be thrust into the starting lineup based on the roster. Has good speed and will have to improve against the run.

Also debated drafting Jason Campbell here but Favre will be back for a couple more years and with Nall and O'Sullivan on the roster, QB is not a pressing need like some oher positions.

2.27 Atlanta - Mike Patterson, DT, USC

2.28 Indianapolis - J.J. Arrington, RB, Cal

2.29 San Francisco (From San Diego) - Chris Canty, DE, Virginia

Despite drafting Marcus Spears in round 1, DE is still a big need. Their best incumbent DE is probably 33-year old converted DT Bryant Young. The 9ers just don't have the personnel right now at DE to play the 3-4 effectively. I believe Spears & Canty are perfect fits for that scheme & could be Frisco's starting DEs for the next 10 years.

Canty is huge (6-7 290) with long arms. Strong, quick, & agile with good athletic ability. Plays the run well & is a decent pass rusher. Has lots of upside. Probably would've been a 1st-rounder last year had he come out. Only real negative is the knee injury he suffered that ended his senior season.

Also considered DE Javon Haye. I had another position targeted, as well, but with Pittsburgh & New England between my next pick (both of whom run the 3-4), I decided to protect Canty & hope my guy is there at 3.1.

2.30 Pittsburgh - Chris Henry, WR, West Virginia

He is raw, but is big and fast. Has all the physical tools to be the downfield threat they need even if it takes a couple of years to get him there.

2.31 Philadelphia - Luis Castillo, DT, Northwestern

Always with an eye toward the team's future, the Eagles are thrilled to see Luis Castillo on the board at the end of the 2nd round. Castillo, an academic all american, showed exceptional agility at the Combine and put together one of the more underappreciated careers in the Big Ten (by virtue of playing for Northwestern).

With DT Hollis Thomas near the end of his career and DT Corey Simon potentially leaving next year if they can't come to terms on an extension, Castillo has the luxury of fitting into the back end of the rotation in 2005 with an eye toward starting in 2006.

From NFL Draft Scout: As a run defender, he is quick to gain position on the blocker, using his arm-under action to get an edge on the outside of an offensive lineman. When he uses his hands with force, he is able to jab and jolt to separate. When Castillo gets too high in his stance or lines up with a blocker on his head, he struggles to disengage. He plays with good mental alertness and has a knack for finding the ball in the short area and also shows a good feel for pressure. In the open field, he extends his arms properly to wrap and secure as a tackler. Castillo is able to split double teams when he hunkers down to get a good anchor. He has the burst to close on the quarterback and never takes a play off. He just needs to get more physical in his play. Luis does not always utilize his power and long arms to stack and shed. He is a marginal pass rusher who is best to flush the quarterback out of the pocket than tackle him. He relies too much on his speed to break free of the offensive linemen and will lose a few battles once he lets the blocker lock on. It is not as if he is incapable of playing more physically.

For his size and instinctiveness, this is a player that is

well worth an early look on draft day. If he can improve his power game, he will be a big contributor in the pros.

From Mel Kiper: A hustler with a great motor who was one of the most underrated players in the Big Ten. He weighs in at 303 pounds, put up 32 bench-press reps at the combine, ran the 40 in 4.8 and had a 34½-inch vertical jump. Combine those numbers with his intensity and production and you have the makings of a second-round choice.

2.32 New England - Robert McCune, ILB, Louisville

QUICK STRENGTHS: strength, speed, awareness

QUICK WEAKNESSES: height, shedding blocks

NFL COMPARISONS: Explosive upfield guy with speed and great strength, similar to Pittsburgh's Kendrell Bell.

McCune redshirted as a freshman. After that initial season, he was a key special teams player and reserve linebacker until his junior season when he finally got his chance to start and perfomed well. He then started every game for the Cardinals as a senior and was named 1st team All Conference USA.

McCune is a solid, dependable player who has been a leader on the Cardinal defense. He is an instinctive player who does a good job of finding the ball and getting to it. He has good sideline to sideline speed and decent change of direction skills. He lacks height but is well built and has good strength. When having to take on blockers, McCune tends to struggle. He is at his best when allowed to run to the ball. He does a good job of getting through traffic and avoiding blockers, but doesn't show the strength or ability with his hands to get away from blockers. When he gets to the ball, McCune is a very dependable tackler who is capable of making some big hits. On the blitz, he has pretty good straight line speed and explosion, but could do a better job with his timing. In coverage, McCune shows good awareness and enough agility to make plays. He can run with tight ends and backs, and also displays good awareness in zone.

McCune isn't getting a lot of attention, but he is a really good prospect who has a chance to be a productive NFL starter. If teams are willing to overlook his height, McCune doesn't do a whole lot wrong on the field and he could be an early 2nd Round pick.

This kid is moving up quickly behind the scenes. Pioli like what he sees when this kid works hard on ST and seems to do everything well that he's asked to do. Read that he's very coachable and is willing to listen and willing to learn and he'll learn from one of the best in BB. An on field leader who shows the courage of a blue collar type player who does what needs to be done to get the job done, the type of player we like here in Foxboro. With the fear of Bruschi not coming back or even lasting more than 2-3 more years. The PATS begin to build their ILB corp. with Crowder and McCune which will help when Ted Johnson is gone. So a 2006 LB corp. of Colvin, McCune, Crowder & Vrabel sounds pretty good to Pioli and BB.

There were a few CB's out there but with the players that are left out there we think we'll be able grab one in the 4th or when players start to get cut later in the offseason.

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Gimme the Titans. I can also double/triple up like Wood if needed.

:rant: One of my favorite things about this place is that one of the resident "experts" is a Titans fan. :thumbup:

Ill take the BearsAbout time sombody other than Grid had them in one of these (not that he does a bad job)

I can't draft for anyone but Pittsburgh. I'll leave the other teams to the homers.
If Drunken Cowboy volunteers to take any other available team, I'd be happy to give you the Steelers...
1st post is now fully updated...Signups are going faster than I expected ! Only a few teams left... I am also happy there have been no questions yet with how it will all work. I think everything should go pretty smooth. Should be interesting to say the least.I'd say give the signups over the weekend and maybe try to get started officially sometime Monday.

1st post is now fully updated...

Signups are going faster than I expected ! Only a few teams left... I am also happy there have been no questions yet with how it will all work. I think everything should go pretty smooth. Should be interesting to say the least.

I'd say give the signups over the weekend and maybe try to get started officially sometime Monday.
I know it's going to be tough to handle any faster, but 4 hour windows and 24 hours for trade discussions is a LONG time.This mock won't be done for months at that pace conceivably.

I know it's going to be tough to handle any faster, but 4 hour windows and 24 hours for trade discussions is a LONG time.

This mock won't be done for months at that pace conceivably.
Do you think a 2 hour window would work better?Anyone have a problem with changing it to a 2 hour window?

I kind of like the trade idea and hopefully that won't get abused. I'm assuming only a handful of teams will be interested in trading their picks --- maybe that is flawed.?.?

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Actually, thinking this over, I am not sure I have the time to do this properly. Please remove me, and put the Saints up for grabs.Sorry to be so wishy-washy. :bag:

Okay we have a possible problem brought up by Jason and I'd like to get some votes on this from the people who have already signed up...

The current rules concerning the timer (4 hours per pick with a 24-hour extension allowed if you are in trade talks) could lead to a draft that ends up taking WAY too long.

I see 2 different things that could be changed here -- the regular timer (for picks) and the extension allowed for trade talks.

Here are some options that I'd like to get votes on from people who have already signed up:

Option 1: Keep 4-hour timer for picks.

Option 2: Change to 3-hour timer for picks.

Option 3: Change to 2-hour timer for picks.

Option A: Keep 24-hour extension for trades (NOT turned off overnight).

Option B: Change to 4-hour extension for trade talks (extension would work just like regular timer -- 10a-6p EST M-F)

Option C: Change to 3-hour extension for trade talks (extension would work just like regular timer -- 10a-6p EST M-F)

Option D: Change to 2-hour extension for trade talks (extension would work just like regular timer -- 10a-6p EST M-F)

Please vote on BOTH sets of options. IOW, voting for option 1-A would be a vote to keep everything as is.


My personal vote after having given this some thought is for option 2C. This would change it to a 3-hour time limit during "regular" hours and if you are involved in trade talks (and post the team(s) you are in talks with) you get an additional 3 hours. All timers would be turned off overnight.

Another thing to remember is, it's perfectly okay to just post your pick, and then later on come back and add your commentary.

At least this allows the next person to begin considering their options (and, more importantly, get on the clock).

I think I'll count the votes separately for this.Here's the rolling count so far:For the regular timer => Options 1 and 3 are tied with 2 votes each. Option 2 is close behind with 1.5 votes.For the trade extension => Option D is in the early lead with 3 votes. Option C is close behind with 2 votes. And their are 0 votes so far for Options A and B.

I'll give this another couple of hours and then I'll look at the votes and make a decision.Right now (and it's still early), it's looking like we are going to be going with a 3-hour timer for picks with a possible 2-hour extension if you are in trade talks with another owner.

Is there an option for "2hours/no extensions?" Seriously, if a trade is going to be made, can't we just get it done. If not, make a pick and go on with your day. This thing will never get rolling, much less finished, with 5 hour windows. I'm glad to participate and the results should be very cool, but its just a mock.Colin

Is there an option for "2hours/no extensions?" Seriously, if a trade is going to be made, can't we just get it done. If not, make a pick and go on with your day. This thing will never get rolling, much less finished, with 5 hour windows. I'm glad to participate and the results should be very cool, but its just a mock.

I suppose I could've / should've made that an option, but here's the thing... I'm not thinking that every single team is going to want to trade their pick. In order to get the extension, they have to name the team they are in trade talks with. If the team they name does not confirm that they were discussing a trade, the extension is not allowed. I guess a kind of honor system is going to have to go on here and hopefully teams will not use this as an excuse just to get more time to make their pick. The reason for the extension was to give owners wanting to trade time to contact possible trading partners. If, given their 3 hours they have to make a pick, they can not get ahold of anyone who wants to trade, then they would have to make a pick. If they do find someone, they would have an additional amount of time to iron out the trade...

Here's where the votes are on the rule change...On the regular timer => 5 votes for a 2-hour timer; 2.5 votes for a 3-hour timer; and 3 votes for a 4-hour timer.On the trade extension => 8 votes for a 2-hour extension; 2 votes for a 3-hour extension; 0 votes for a 4-hour extension; and 0 votes for a 24-hour (not turned off overnight) extension.Based on these votes and Colin's point, I'm going to do something that wasn't even really an option -- but hopefully no one will have a problem with it. I think it is most fair and makes the most sense.We will go with a 3-hour time limit for picks. The timer will be in effect between 10:00am and 6:00pm EST (7-3 on the west coast.) If, within your 3-hours, you can get another owner to chime in and say that they are trying to work out a trade with you, you will be granted a 1-hour extension to make the trade. Once the trade is announced, the owner who traded for the pick will have a shortened 1-hour time limit to make their pick (as they should have had a player in mind when they made the move up).Hopefully this works for everyone. Since it wasn't one of the options put up for vote, if anyone has a major problem with it, chime in and we can discuss it.

Cleveland officially is seeking a trade partner to acquire the #3 spot. Who wants Ronnie Brown?!!!!??? Don't let him slip through your fingers.


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