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For those of you in a tight game, stat adjustment! (1 Viewer)


Caught this news from a tweet by Matthew Berry. Huge for me because I'm down 8 as of now with Kapernick for me vs Phil Dawson for him.

IRVING, Texas -- NFL officials have changed the statistics on a Dez Bryant reception in the fourth quarter of the Cowboys-Giants game on Sunday.

Bryant, who made a reception, then fumbled the ball backward, is now credited with having minus-11 yards on the play. The Cowboys lost a total of 16 yards on the play.

Instead of finishing with 102 receiving yards, Bryant will now have 86 receiving yards.

Also, Tony Romo loses 16 yards in total passing yards and saw his total drop to 234.

The Cowboys' net passing yards falls to 204.

When the game was over, the Cowboys finished with 327 total yards but it's been decreased to 311.


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