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For those that saw the Colts game, did Addai look as good as his numbe (1 Viewer)


I didn't get a chance to watch the game, but am an Addai owner. Did Addai look as good as his numbers? Did he look 100% healthy? If so, top 10 RB the rest of the way?

Thoughts please. Thanks!

He looked better than earlier, but that game was about the Colts offense being just way better than the Texans defense.

The OLine looked great. Addai looked average in the 1st half but was hitting holes with authority in the 2nd half and holding onto passes for once. He looked healthy to me and should be great down the stretch with that easy schedule.

The OLine looked great. Addai looked average in the 1st half but was hitting holes with authority in the 2nd half and holding onto passes for once. He looked healthy to me and should be great down the stretch with that easy schedule.
That's what I'm hoping/banking happens! Addai :goodposting:
For those who didn't get to watch the game, his numbers should actually have been even better. He flat out dropped a couple of passes in the flats early on that would have been for significant gains. He ran hard, fought for yardage, and most importantly didn't leave the game for any extended period with a nick or bruise. Assuming he keeps that up, he's a solid play against the favorable matchups the Colts have the remainder of the season.

I agree with the others. He looked like a turd in the first half and even dropped a couple of wide-open passes. It looked like the oline started creating holes in the second half and Addai ran seemingly harder. Very encouraging.

Pretty much agree with everyone else, perhaps most importantly he seemed to be running with a confidence that he has been lacking since the middle of last season.

does anyone think addai has more value down the road than brian westbrook?

I may trade westy for addai straight up because of matchups down the stretch.

I agree with everyone's comments. The first half was pretty lackluster. The drops were especially discouraging because this was the first time all season the Colts finally worked Addai into the passing game. But he played much better in the second half and the numbers reflected it. What was most impressive to me was that he ran with a sense of authority. That's something he has failed to do all season long. He didn't run soft. Whether he can keep this up is the question but there's no doubt the schedule is very favorable.

Again, though, what I liked most as an Addai owner (besides the TDs obviously) was the fact he finally was involved as a receiver. That was one of the huge reasons he had strong Draft Day value but it was Rhodes who the Colts seemed to prefer in the passing game until yesterday. But if the Texans' game is an indication Addai is back in the passing game's good graces, his value could be extremely high from here on out.

That won't erase the stench of 10 miserable weeks and it won't erase the fact he's been a gigantic bust. But at least it's something if his poor production hasn't already killed his owners' seasons.

He looked better but something to keep in mind - the Texans were playing with almost all backups in the front 7 by the beginning of the 2nd half due to injuries, that's when Addai really poured it on knocking out 7, 8, and 10 yard gains one after the other.

If he didn't have such a great playoff schedule I'd be selling him.

I agree with others who said Addai looked better in the 2nd half and with those who said his numbers were largely due to the continued emergence of the Colts' offense and a poor performance by a banged up Texans' defense. My only point of contention, and this is purely my opinion, is that Addai hasn't looked the same to me since his injury. Even though he didn't put up big numbers in the first few games behind a patchwork offensive line, I thought he ran well and often eluded several defenders in the backfield to get a few yards. The Minnesota game is a good example. Since his hamstring injury, he hasn't seemed to have the same explosiveness. Even in the Houston game, there were times when I expected him to explode through a crease or turn a run upfield, but he seemed reluctant to kick it into that next gear. I couldn't even guess as to whether he's not totally healthy yet, or just doesn't yet trust that he's healthy, but something is missing. Perhaps he's working his way back from his hamstring injury in a way reminiscent of Ryan Grant, who is only returning to form months after sustaining the injury.

This is just my opinion, and I can't back it up. Certainly, I can't argue with the production, and his schedule down the stretch is mighty fine, so he's still a great guy to start from this point forward. I'll add that the Colts' offense continues to progress as everyone gets healthy, and they should post some big numbers during the fantasy playoffs. Sunday in the 2nd half was the first time this season I've felt confident every drive that the Colts would get at least a TD unless something odd happened (e.g. dropped pass, holding penalties, running out the clock).


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