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0. Alias accounts

Are a pain for moderators. If you feel the need to create extra accounts just for trolling, this message board isn't for you. We see them; we close them. New accounts created in response to having your original account suspended/banned may also be axed.


Reference to this Honda car commercial. It was posted several times in the Free For All. If you start a thread that's a duplicate of a previous posting you can be sure someone will play the :honda: on you. As a matter of etiquette, this should be accompanied by a link to the previous thread. (Also sometimes referred to as a "penquin.")

2. IBTL & IN

In Before The Lock. The footballguys.com message boards are heavily moderated. When a large collection of people are gathered together with a fair dose of anonymity, you can expect things to get a bit crazy. IBTL is posted when someone expects one of the board moderators to lock a thread. IBTM refers to In Before The Move. If a post is in the wrong forum (usually something posted in the Shark Pool that should be in the Free For All), the moderators will usually move the post quickly. Some posters will jump in and post "IBTM".

3. gllllll peace & THAT NOT WHY WERE HERE

Refers to the famous Rocko post that has since been deleted.

4. Various shortcuts

GB = God Bless
GDB = God DON'T Bless (Use of the loutish contraction is for emphasis, according to Lester)
BWIH = Be Wary In Here (Originally from :11: Means Be careful of what you post, someone cannot be trusted)
IIRC = If I Recall Correctly
NTTAWWT = Not That There's Anything Wrong With That
HTH = Hope that helps
TIA = Thanks in advance

5. Cliques

There are several groups of posters that congragate on other message boards.
:11: (also known as the "shukies")
Old Bay Chat

6. Cornhole

Gathering of board members in a live setting.

7. Black Dot
If you post in a thread, the thread icon in the forum gets a "black dot" so its easier for you to find the threads you have posted in. It's also a convenient way to track a thread you want to follow.

8. How do I fix the board time so it matches where I live?

At the top of the page click on My Controls.

Next, in the bottom left click on Board Settings.

9. Point to the Shirt :ptts:
This comes from this thread. We got spammed by a dude trying to push the worst t-shirt ever. The shirt had excuses for why your fantasy season went poorly. When someone whines about why they did poorly the FFA response may be "point to the shirt." Go read the thread. It will make more sense.

10. Sigs

Links to a website you wish to promote in your sig are fine (as long as they aren't promoting a competing fantasy football site), but large fonts and colors used to draw attention to your sig are not. If you include an entire fantasy football roster in your sig please keep it as compact as possible. In general, keep sig lengths reasonable.

11. Icy Pots

jwvdcw has some mind bending schtick. Best of luck there. The "pots" part of this refers to raking a pot in a poker game.

12. Useful Threads

Pokerguys: One thread that links to the abundance of poker related threads in the FFA.
Free For All FAQ: A thread that links to itself.

13. Language Filter

We have a language filter in place to help keep the boards acceptable for a home or workplace. Our members don't want their children or boss looking over their shoulder at profanity.

That call by the ref was ####### horrible.
Clayton is a ####### ##########.
The filter is doing its job in A, and the person is expressing an idea while swearing for emphasis. An account will probably not be suspended for this. The user may be warned. We would prefer you didn't curse on our boards at all as we're striving for a PG atmosphere. Admittedly, its a line we have a tough time defining. If you paint our boards with profanity-laced tirades you can be sure action will be taken against your account. In B the poster is making a personal attack that may result in a suspension. The fact that the insult is partially hidden doesn't forgive the fact that it's an insult. C and D are examples of circumventing the language filter that are not acceptable and may lead to a warning or suspension. Yes, I circumvented the filter in D and gave myself a warning.

14. Hyperlinks

Beware of hyperlinks. Links can be disguised and may open windows to web pages with rated R or X material. These are unacceptable by our standards and may lead to account suspension for those who posted them. Also, using a link that forces a person to logout of the boards will lead to an account suspension.

15. Posting links to copyrighted material

Members need to employ "fair use" quoting with proper credit and attribution from pieces ("fair use" guidelines are available for free at this link), and/or the inclusion of links to the full texts of articles. Both are meaningful and appropriate ways to give readers access to material. Most sites are fine with quoting pieces (quotes) of articles, but copying and pasting entire articles is rarely acceptable.

16. Why are many posters rocking a Teletubbie in their Avatars?

It's in honor of shining path, one of the most well-liked and well-respected posters in the FFA, who passed away well before his time. Tinky Winky was his avatar, and some are adopting that theme as a tribute.

17. If someone makes an offensive post, should I quote it in my response before reporting it?

No. If the offensive post is worth reporting, so is any post that quotes it.

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If you have problems using the board software's search engine, here is a tip for searching Footballguys forums with Google.

Greg Russell said:
I go to google and start my search with: site:forums.footballguys.com

And then add whatever other keywords I'm looking for.

Edit to add: Since I have a google search bar on my browser, once I used it for this once, now I can just type "site" and it pops up the previous search and autocompletes it, so I can then just replace the other keywords. So it's pretty quick and convenient, don't need to remember the exact string.
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