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Years ago, Ron Wolf and Parcells friendship was obvious as low tier players were dropped from the Jets+ picked up by the Packers and vice versa. TE, backup/camp K, and OL come to mind.

Parcells reuniting with former players.

BB bringing some Jets to NE

Romeo grabbing Andruzzi in Cleveland

Herm got some Tampa CB(Abraham?) with the Jets

Vermeil essentially brought Green with him to KC.

Geesh there's alot, well along with these type moves:

The recent Jet cuts have the rumor mill churning with just about every player possibly being a Cowboy. I know it's not so realistic for every single cut player or FA to reunite with his former coach or friend but there always seems to be some every year. What are your guesses for this offseason?

Any Packers(Sherman) or Broncos(Kubiak) to Houston?

Any Eagles(Childress) to Minny?

Any Ravens to the 49ers(Nolan)?

Any Vikings to Cards(Green)?

Any other Pats going to Romeo? etc.

Also Al Groh worked with Parcells+BB for "forever" and now coaches UVA. IIRC Each of them drafted a UVA guy last year. Any "connections" like that with the upcoming draft?

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