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Game Thread W10 - New Orleans V Atlanta (1 Viewer)

Down: 1st To Go: 10 Ball On: NO 34

Last Play: 2-10-NO 24(2:18) (Shotgun) D.Brees pass short middle to M.Colston to NO 34 for 10 yards (E.Coleman).

Down: 1st To Go: 10 Ball On: ATL 2

Last Play: 3-5-ATL 32:-)06) (Shotgun) D.Brees pass deep right to L.Moore for 32 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

I don't mind Moore with a garbage TD (good for one of my fantasy teams).
I could've lived without, playing against Brees and suffering from the lack of appearance from CJ3 and Cotchery.Quick comment on Brees, class act, came out on the field telling Ryan he was happy for him. Same on Ryan, coming out and telling Brees what a great job he did.
Have Brees in two leagues so all those yards are awesome. Have Brees and Moore started in my total points league and have over 100 pts for this week.


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