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Game Thread W13 - Cincinnati V Pittsburgh (1 Viewer)

Cincy horrible play-calling/decisions = exposed. Let's see Rudi is busting thru the line so let's......abandon the run! Then just for kicks let's go for it on 4th/4!

Delay of Game on Cinci
Thanks for reporting that. :rolleyes:
Feel free to ignore me. Otherwise, kindly ####. :)
Done. Thx for reminding me about that ignore feature. As for ####, take a look in the mirror.....well wait what am I saying, what do I care now? Have fun. Maybe you can discuss similarly interesting topics here, like how much your grass is growing or dishwater or something. I'm sure you'll have everyone engrossed.
Why couldn't the Steelers have passed downfield like this in the Colts game
The Colts pass rush was killing us. Ben had no time.
Maybe, I don't remember there being a huge pass rush.. what i do remember is the Steelers running on 1st and 2nd down over and over while i yelled, "pass the ball!!" ;)


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